Liberty University Online Referral Program

If you love Liberty University Online and the impact it has had on your life, you probably know someone who would love Liberty too. We would like to contact them and share what Liberty Online has to offer. Please provide their contact information below and we’ll do the rest.

Become a Volunteer Recruiter

As a current Liberty Online student, you can also volunteer as a recruiter for Liberty. As a volunteer recruiter, you simply share your college story and personal experiences with friends and family who you believe could benefit from a degree from Liberty.

You don’t have to be an expert on Liberty or the admissions process. In fact, to make recruiting easier, we will provide you with an admissions packet that will answer any questions the perspective student may have about Liberty. Each packet also includes a DVD and brochure about Liberty, along with a letter from the President, and an application.

Fill out our Volunteer Recruiter's application and share Liberty with your friends and family today!

Getting Credit

Have you recruited one or more students? Share your success with us!

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