Master of Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition

Master of Public Health - Nutrition

Liberty University’s Master of Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition will help you master skills pertinent to the field of public health. Whether your interest is career advancement, education or enhancing society, you will achieve a rich understanding of public health and the importance of nutrition.

Engage your desire to impact society locally or globally, through a sociological perspective regarding solutions to food-borne illness, disease prevention, and nutritional health disorders. Gain a level of expertise, as you enrich your understanding of basic nutrition and enhance your credentials.

Create opportunities for career advancement, including those in the mission field, as you establish a potential platform to enter closed countries. Courses will prepare you to serve effectively as a public health expert in the modern world, integrating faith with learning in a professional atmosphere.

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree and have a 2.5 GPA to enroll.

Quick Facts

2014-2015 Tuition

  • $520 per credit hour (based on full-time enrollment)

Program Delivery Format

Credit Hours

  • 42 total credit hours
  • Up to 9 credit hours can be transferred in

Potential Career Fields

  • Public Health Specialist
  • Health Educator
  • School Nutrition and Food Services
  • Missionary

HLTH 698 MPH Practicum

  • If you have completed the following items and would like to begin your practicum please contact the practicum coordinator, Ashley Hudson
    • Complete core and specialization courses successfully, with no more than 3 credit hours left in the program
    • Submit and pass your background check:
    • Receive approval from the MPH practicum coordinator
  • MPH Practicum
  • MPH Practicum Guidelines

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