Dual Enrollment Information Liberty University Online

Dual Enrollment Policies

Students who are completing their bachelor’s degree and wish to start graduate courses may apply for Dual Enrollment. Dual Enrollment is only available when a student meets both of the following criteria:

  1. Undergraduate students who lack 9 credit hours or less to complete a bachelor’s degree (Dual enrollment is not available to graduate students to take doctoral courses)
  2. The student currently holds a cumulative undergraduate GPA high enough for admission in good standing to the graduate program he or she wishes to pursue. 

    If approved, students in Dual Enrollment will be limited to:

    • A maximum of 2 semesters of enrollment in graduate courses
    • A maximum of 9 Graduate credit hours (including withdrawn courses)

    Please Note: Dual Enrollment is not available for licensure-track Counseling programs or Graduate Certificates

Dual Enrollment Application Steps

For Liberty Students
For Non-Liberty Students


Dual enrollment is not available to the following students:

  • Students already enrolled at the graduate level and pursuing either a graduate degree or a graduate certificate.
  • Students who are pursuing an associate degree.
  • Students pursuing an undergraduate certificate.
  • Students who plan to pursue a graduate certificate rather than a graduate degree.