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Prepare to Preach the Gospel with a Master of Theology in Homiletics (Non-Thesis)

Are you looking for new ways to develop your sermon writing and preaching skills? If you’re looking for ways to communicate God’s Word and the teachings of Jesus Christ to your congregation, then Liberty University’s Master of Theology in Homiletics (Non-Thesis) can help prepare you. Our experienced professors can help you learn how to put your thoughts on paper and deliver clear and powerful messages to your congregation or bible study groups.

Our Master of Theology in Homiletics (Non-Thesis) is a postgraduate program that is designed for students who have previously earned their Master of Divinity or an equivalent degree but want to gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and modern issues. This degree equips you with the knowledge and training you need to develop, write, and deliver sermons so that the listener is inspired to know God and study on their own. The non-thesis track of the Master of Theology is suitable as a capstone degree for ministers seeking to focus on a particular subject area beyond what the Master of Divinity degree offers.


Your divinity degree is approved by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and has met rigorous accreditation standards. You can feel confident that your degree is both academically excellent and well-respected among churches, ministries, and nonprofit organizations.

ATS Accreditation

Why Choose Liberty’s Master of Theology (Th.M.) – Homiletics (Non-Thesis) Degree?

Our John W. Rawlings School of Divinity has a state-of-the-art homiletics lab housed in the school’s dedicated building called the Freedom Tower. On the first floor of the Freedom Tower, you will find our Scriptorium, which houses the Rawlings Foundation rare book collection valued at over $1 million. This collection contains Bibles, a Torah, resources, and many biblical artifacts.

Throughout your time on campus, you can give back to the community by participating in volunteer opportunities through our ministry centers. You can work with special populations and groups around the area who may need your unique skills and talents.

If you are not planning to pursue doctoral-level studies but still wish to explore intensive study in theology and apologetics, then our Th.M. in homiletics non-thesis track is the best route for you to take. You will gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith while focusing on your sermon writing and delivering skills.  This degree program will culminate in a theology capstone that will help contribute to the general knowledge in a specified field of theology.

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What Will You Learn in Our Master of Theology (Th.M.) – Homiletics (Non-Thesis) Degree?

Your training in theology can go beyond your M.Div. studies and investigate modern and contemporary Christian thought, as well as a deeper exploration of biblical theology. The homiletics specialization of our Master of Theology (Th.M.) primarily focuses on the preparation and delivering of sermons.

You will learn about expository preaching and the methods of interpretation as well as the formula for sermon outlines and how to preach expository sermons. You will also learn how to evangelize with special emphasis being placed on the Old and New Testaments. Special occasions such as Christmas, weddings, and funerals often require special sermons. You will study how to preach for these occasions and fulfill the needs of the contemporary church family.

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Featured Courses

HOMI 605 – Expository Preaching

Here’s what you’ll study:

  • A study in the preparation of expository sermons.
  • Types of expository preaching: paragraph, parable, biographical, etc. A study of the methods of interpretation, the formula of expository sermon outlines, and the preaching of expository sermons.

HOMI 612 – Evangelistic Preaching

Here’s what you’ll study:

  • A study of the content, principles, and delivery of expositional evangelistic sermons.
  • Preaching evangelistically from the Old and New Testaments.

HOMI 635 – Preaching for Special Occasions

Here’s what you’ll study:

  • A study in the selection, preparation, and delivery of sermons to meet the needs of the contemporary church family.
  • Preaching of the special occasion sermons (e., Christmas, Easter, weddings, funerals, and more).

THEO 679 – Theology Capstone

Here’s what you’ll study:

  • This theology capstone course is for the Master of Theology student who has completed at least 24 hours toward the degree.
  • This course is to demonstrate scholarship and contribute to the general knowledge in a specified field of theology.
  • The approved topic must be related to the student’s chosen area of study in the Master of Theology program.
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Highlights of Our Master of Theology (Th.M.) – Homiletics (Non-Thesis) Degree

  • Our John W. Rawlings School of Divinity is the world’s largest accredited school for religious studies and ministerial training.
  • Pursue various internship opportunities with churches and parachurches locally, nationally, and globally through Liberty’s extensive professional network.
  • Our 17-story Freedom Tower, which houses the John W. Rawlings School of Divinity, contains a 7-projector immersive classroom, an interactive classroom that utilizes teleconferencing capabilities, and state-of-the-art homiletics teaching lab.
  • Local church ministry training is embedded within our programs
  • Experiential learning opportunities through church and para-church ministries
  • Our Freedom Tower’s Scriptorium houses a $1 million collection of rare books and Bibles donated by the Rawlings family.
  • Optional Monday-only courses are available for students juggling work, family, and church commitments.

Master of Theology (Th.M.) – Homiletics (Non-Thesis) Degree Information

        Career Opportunities for Master of Theology (Th.M.) – Homiletics (Non-Thesis) Graduates

        • Bible Instructor
        • Evangelist
        • Church Staff
        • Missionary
        • Ministry Worker
        • Senior Pastor

        Admission Requirements for Postgraduate Degrees

        Every application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and all applicants must submit the following documents and meet the minimum requirements for admission: