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Defend Your Faith with a Master of Theology in Christian Apologetics (Non-Thesis)

Have you completed your Master of Divinity, but aren’t sure where to take your educational pursuits next? Consider a Master of Theology (Th.M.) from Liberty University. Our Th.M. is a postgraduate degree designed for students who have previously completed an M.Div. or equivalent degree. It is a great option for those who want to gain an understanding of the deeper elements of the Christian faith and modern issues facing the apologetic community.

President Lincoln once said, “I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how he could look up into the heavens and say that there is no God.”

Our Christian Apologetics specialization equips you to defend your faith and provides the tools to engage in the current cultural discussion with critical studies in apologetics. You’ll have the opportunity to advance in pastoral, missions, Christian administration, teaching, and writing positions, as you minister to others with your advanced knowledge of Scripture and acute ability to defend it.

Why Choose Liberty’s Master of Theology (Th.M.) – Christian Apologetics (Non-Thesis) Degree?

Furthering your education at one of the largest Christian universities in the world means you will have access to the vast resources and state-of-the-art facilities provided on our campus. In addition to the Jerry Falwell Library and 17-story Freedom Tower where our School of Divinity is housed, you will also have access to our Scriptorium, which houses a rare collection of religious texts donated to Liberty University. Between the interactions with your professors and peers, you will develop a community of like-minded individuals who have similar callings and goals, providing a strong network and life-long friendships.

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What Will You Learn in Our Master of Theology (Th.M.) – Christian Apologetics?

When it comes to the Christian faith, there are many miracles to be explained by apologists for those with questions. C.S Lewis once said, “Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.” You will learn how to respond to the contemporary denial of those miracles, focusing on the resurrection of Jesus.

Another question often heard by ministers and apologists is, “If God is omnipotent, then why does he allow evil to exist?” You’ll take a course that allows you to explain evil in the world and the concept of hell and what happens to sinners in the afterlife. You’ll bring some sense of peace to those with unanswered questions.

In addition to these subjects, you will also you will complete a capstone course related to Christian Apologetics. You will help to contribute to the general knowledge and be even better prepared to present a rational defense of Scripture in your congregation or ministry-related organization.

View the Degree Completion Plan, and check out our featured courses below for more information!

Featured Courses

APOL 610 – Miracles

 APOL 620 – Evil, Suffering & Hell

 APOL 630 – Current Issues in Apologetics

THEO 679 – Theology Capstone


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Highlights of Our Master of Theology – Christian Apologetics (Non-Thesis) Degree

  • Our Rawlings School of Divinity is the world’s largest accredited school for religious studies and ministerial training.
  • Pursue various internship opportunities with churches and parachurches locally, nationally, and globally through Liberty’s extensive professional network.
  • Our 17-story School of Divinity Freedom Tower contains a 7-projector immersive classroom, an interactive classroom that utilizes teleconferencing capabilities, and state-of-the-art homiletics teaching lab.
  • Local church ministry training is embedded within our programs.
  • Experiential learning opportunities through church and para-church ministries.
  • Our Freedom Tower’s Scriptorium houses a $1 million collection of rare books and Bibles donated by the Rawlings family.
  • Optional Monday-only courses are available for students juggling work, family, and church commitments.

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Master of Theology (Th.M.) – Christian Apologetics (Non-Thesis) Degree Information

    Career Opportunities for Master of Theology (Th.M.) – Christian Apologetics (Non-Thesis) Graduates

    • Author
    • College Professor
    • Church Staff
    • Christian Apologist
    • Senior Pastor

    Admission Requirements for Postgraduate Degrees

    Every application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and all applicants must submit the following documents and meet the minimum requirements for admission: