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Do you love learning about cultures around the world? Do you appreciate the beauty of music from other nations? Do you want to educate others on the exciting realm of ethnomusicology? With Liberty University’s Master of Arts (MA) in Ethnomusicology – Music Education, you can learn how to teach the next generation to investigate, discover, learn, and appreciate the history of music around the world.

In this program, you can dive into researching the history of music in other cultures. The Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology can equip you to work in a diverse global society using the medium of music. The program explores the foundational history and theory of music, skills in analysis and technology, non-Western music performance, and practical application through field experience and independent research. Liberty University’s online ethnomusicology degree is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), so you can be confident that you’re receiving an education of the highest quality.

Once you have established a foundation of ethnomusicology knowledge, you can learn how to convey that knowledge to others. Sharing information can be incredibly rewarding. Music education is an area that can combine your love of music, other cultures, people, and teaching. You can learn to aid others in researching principles of ethnomusicology, just as your professors will aid you in your master’s program.

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Liberty University’s Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology with a specialization in music education is offered 100% online and is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). We teach all of our courses from a biblical worldview. This allows you to maintain the perspective of your faith while analyzing other cultures and the prevalent religions of different regions.

Our faculty members have extensive experience in the fields of music education and musicology and can pass on their real-world expertise to you throughout your courses. The professors here at Liberty University are committed to our mission of Training Champions for Christ. At Liberty, you can become one such Champion and go on to teach others through music education about the beauty of all types of music found throughout the world.

Music is a universal form of expression in which cultures of the world capture the essence of their worldview. It is the system of memory in which cultural history and religious beliefs are recorded. The Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology can help you gain the skills and training to understand many music cultures, thus enabling more strategic and effective communication, ministry, and research.

The courses in Liberty University’s Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology – Music Education degree will cover a wide range of subjects related to music and teaching others. In multiple courses, you will study literature related to ethnomusicology. Your education will include background information, skills and techniques, resources and materials, and research methods in ethnomusicology. You’ll also complete either a thesis or a project – as well as a graduate ethnomusicology comprehensive exam.

Additionally, you will be directly engaged in research in multiple courses. For instance, you will participate in professional practice through field experiences that can help you conduct hands-on research and apply your skills in a practical manner.

In the music education specialization courses, you can learn how to engage in matters of curriculum development and pedagogy through critical evaluation and inquiry. Curricula and pedagogical models that address practical issues for primary, secondary, and college classrooms will be emphasized in your courses.

Additionally, you will study computer applications in music, including the use of music notation software, music recording software, sequencing, smartboards, apps, interactive websites, sound shaping, and other innovative technological applications for the music education classroom. You will focus on the effective use of technology in learning environments with special attention to instructional practice, assessment development, and student engagement.

The courses that make up the specialization in music education will also focus on the history of music in America, the principles used historically and today in music technology, and how education curricula for music courses are developed. Special attention is given to the music of the American Colonies and specific musical influences through the 21st century.

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