Institutional Challenge Exams (ICE) Descriptions

Liberty University’s Institutional Challenge Exams (ICE) are available for you to demonstrate mastery of course content. If you have extensive professional experience, personal study, non-college training, or otherwise feel confident that you have already mastered the content of certain courses at the undergraduate or graduate levels, you may consider taking the relevant exam instead of the course.

To apply for credit by examination, you must register for an ICE exam by completing the ICE Request Form. Please note that the ICE program was designed specifically for online Liberty University students for Liberty course credit and may not be recognized by other institutions for college credit.

  • The registration fee for an ICE is $130. The fee is paid via the online registration form.
  • Exams marked with a (**) come with the option of a study materials package for an additional $45 fee. Study materials are only offered for these exams.
  • For questions or issues with registration, please contact us at

Listed below are the available undergraduate ICE exams that can be taken for Liberty course credit as well as descriptions of what content they cover with links to relevant course guides.

Listed below are the online graduate Liberty University courses that have ICE available.