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Are you passionate about helping others develop better nutritional habits so they can live fuller and happier lives? Whether you are a nutrition professional who wants to get more training or someone who wants to enter the field for the first time, Liberty’s online Master of Science (MS) in Nutrition can give you the training you need to help others.

With an online master’s in nutrition, you can help people lead healthier lives by assessing their health goals and providing life-changing guidance. Liberty’s MS in Nutrition online degree can be completed from the comfort of your home, so you can gain the advanced nutrition skills you need while staying connected to what matters most to you.

As a health professional, you have many opportunities to meet the needs of clients in your community. Prepare yourself for a rewarding career with Liberty’s online MS in Nutrition.

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As a pioneer in distance education since 1985, we’ve designed this nutrition master’s program to offer you maximum flexibility. Liberty’s online nutrition classes are only 8 weeks long with 8 different start dates each year and no set login times. You’ll have the freedom to earn your degree on your schedule and stay invested in your family, job, and community while pursuing your professional goals.

Our online nutrition master’s degree is designed to help you apply your current skill set to a new career in the field of nutritional health or improve your effectiveness as a current professional in the health industry. As demand for nutrition experts increases, having a master’s in nutrition can help you stay competitive with the latest tools and skills. Whether you are well-established in this field or just getting started, our online nutrition degree can meet you where you are and help equip you for your next step.

Our master’s degree in nutrition can also help you work toward becoming a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). This valuable credential can help you pursue a wider range of career opportunities – and our nutrition courses online provide in-depth study of essential health and nutrition topics that can set you well on your way to meeting credential requirements.

Additionally, our online nutrition courses can build on your previous health experience to help you explore new opportunities in this field. Established health educators, nutrition coaches, and sports nutrition specialists alike can all benefit from the advanced training offered in this online nutrition degree. If you want to expand your skill set and get new training in the latest nutrition methods and research, our MS in Nutrition can give you the edge you need.

This nutrition program online seeks to provide a thorough background in health and nutrition knowledge that you need to be an effective health professional. You will study important principles of nutrition, metabolism, and the role food plays in maintaining good health. You’ll also have access to current research on nutrition that can help you evaluate new programs, identify trendy new behaviors in the health community, and provide sound guidance for your clients.

Additionally, you will study the societal, familial, and psychological factors involved in the development of eating disorders, type 2 diabetes, and other nutrition-based diseases. Other courses in our nutrition master’s online examine current research regarding the relationship between genetics, chronic disease, and nutritional therapy. This program also has room for electives and a selection of population-specific courses that allow you to customize your degree for the particular clients you want to work with.

Discover what else you can learn to do with an online master’s in nutrition:

  • Analyze public health data using appropriate epidemiologic measures to describe a population-based health problem
  • Evaluate current public health policies on diabetes, obesity, and eating disorders
  • Identify the methods of genetic and epigenetic modification of food
  • Investigate foodborne illness outbreaks
  • Solve problems and make critical decisions in food sanitation and safety inspection
  • Understand and apply concepts in research design, data collection, statistical testing, and interpretation

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