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Christian apologetics is the study and research of historical, evidential, and reasonable facts to defend Christian theology. In studying Christian apologetics, you will not only look to the Bible but also strive to find outside sources that reinforce the authenticity of the teachings that are found therein.

Liberty University’s Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics strives to uphold this pursuit by ensuring that each apologetics course has a rich foundation in biblical principles.

You will have opportunities to grow intellectually and spiritually through the exploration of hermeneutics, studying miracles within the Bible, and the history of Christian apologetics. Follow in the footsteps of great apologists such as Lee Strobel, C.S. Lewis, and our own Gary Habermas to explain and defend the truth found in the Bible.


Liberty Theological Seminary, as part of Liberty University’s John W. Rawlings School of Divinity, is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). Your seminary degree is approved by ATS and has met rigorous accreditation standards, so you can feel confident that your degree is both academically excellent and well-respected among churches, ministries, and nonprofit organizations.

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Liberty University’s Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics was created to provide quality education for those who desire to enter Christian ministry. This degree also provides foundational training for those who might wish to pursue doctoral studies in the future. Liberty’s 100% online master’s degree in Christian apologetics is an excellent next step in your education and can be used to further your current or future ministry.

Become a leader who has an in-depth knowledge of the Bible and the ability to explain the meanings and life lessons found therein. If you are currently serving in a ministry-related career then you need the flexibility and structure that an online degree offers. For the Gospel to be understood, it must be clearly communicated. With a master’s degree in Christian apologetics, you can better understand the Scriptures to effectively identify false doctrine and defend biblical teachings. Liberty University is proud to partner with you through an online degree as you prepare for a lifetime of effective ministry.

Christian apologists must be able to defend the Bible with confidence and intelligence. Liberty University’s master’s degree in Christian apologetics provides the in-depth training in core areas of apologetics you need to prepare you for the challenges that will arise in ministry. Through an exploration of the Old and New Testaments, you will study complex and fascinating topics such as miracles, the history of biblical interpretation, and the intersection between faith and reason.

Clearly and accurately interpreting the Bible and presenting that information to a congregation or Bible study is a very important skill set for a ministry leader. You will not only learn how to interpret the Bible but also how new discoveries can help create a better translation of the Scriptures. With in-depth theological studies and a thorough grasp of doctrine, you can navigate the complex world of biblical translation with wisdom.

If you pursue the thesis track of our master’s in Christian apologetics degree, you will develop a thesis proposal, conduct research, and defend your thesis. If you are thinking of pursuing doctoral studies, this experience can be invaluable. In addition, your thesis project can be published and made available to the public, which will strengthen your position as an expert in the apologetics field.

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