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Housing Selection

Select Your Housing

Housing Selection for each academic year opens for both new and returning students in the Spring. See below for additional information, and view our guides for step-by-step instructions on navigating into the Housing Portal through your ASIST account:

Juniors, seniors, and graduate students: Be sure to check out our Independent & Graduate Housing program!

To find out more about our residence halls, visit the links below for each area of campus, or compare your options. Want to see more? Check out our Instagram page for highlight videos of all of the residence halls and room options!

You may view your current housing assignment and roommate at any time in the Housing portal within your ASIST account.

  • New Students

    Housing Selection for new students begins each year in January. In order to select your housing, you must first:

    • Complete Financial Check-In
    • Complete your Personality Profile
    • Then follow the guides above to select a room and/or roommate!
  • Returning Students

    Housing Selection for returning students begins in April for the upcoming academic year. You will sign up for housing according to your current class status at the time, not your projected class status for the Fall. If you are unsure of your current class status, you may check with the Registrar’s Office. View your selection date below!

    Selection Dates for Fall 2020:

    • Freshmen - April 14
    • Sophomores - April 16 
    • Juniors - April 21
    • Seniors & Grad - April 23

     In order to select your housing, you must first:

    • Register for classes for the Fall
    • Select your housing budget within Financial Check-In


Important Information

Once you have selected your housing, you will be locked into that assignment and unable to change it until Open Housing Selection begins for all students on April 28. At that point, you may adjust your assignment online using the instructions above, or contact our office for further assistance.

Please also note that, if you already know who you would like to room with, you must complete all roommate selection processes prior to selecting your room. Once a roommate bond has been formed, when you select your housing, your bonded roommate's housing will be assigned simultaneously.* (If you complete the roommate portion after selecting your housing, you may lose your housing assignment and be unable to reselect until Open Housing Selection begins.)

*If you form a roommate bond with someone of a higher class status than yourself, you will not be able to select a room until the selection date of the upperclassman.

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