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Housing Requests

Need a Change?

Wanting to change your room assignment or swap rooms with another student? Or, maybe you just need more floor space in your dorm room. See below for some of the options that may be available to you. We’ll do our best to help you get what you’re looking for.

Furniture Adjustments

You can bunk, de-bunk, loft, de-loft, and adjust the height of your own bed. View our instructional videos below for assistance. Or, you can submit a work order to have it professionally adjusted. Need help submitting your work order? View instructions here.

Bunk & Loft Kit Installation Instructions – Click to View

Loft Kits

If you are in a two-person room (double room), you can request a loft kit for a charge of $75, which will be added to your student account. (Three-person rooms come with a bunk and loft already installed, so there’s no need to submit a request.)

In preparation for Spring 2023 move-out, students in two-person rooms who have a Loft Kit should return it to its designated location, as listed below. Students can drop-off their Loft Kit from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., May 1 – 5 and May 8 – 10. Drop-off locations are: 

  • East Campus, 140’s – 150’s: Loft Kit container at Slim Chickens
  • East Campus, 170’s – 190’s: Loft Kit container south of the Runk & Pratt Garage
  • Commons 1: Floors 2, 3 4 common area near A wing
  • Commons 2: Floors 2, 3 4 common area near A wing
  • Commons 3: Loft Kit container in the Commons 3 parking lot
  • Residence Halls 029 – 033: Loft Kit return container
Loft Kit Instructions – Click to View

Overnight Visitors


If you would like to have a visitor stay overnight on your hall, submit an Overnight Visitor Request for approval.

Overnight Visitor Request Instructions – Click to View

Bed Buyout


Interested in having a room to yourself? Students living on-campus in a room with an open bed may request to “purchase” the empty space in their room for their own use. Bed Buyouts cost $800 per semester or $1,500 for the full year.

Bed Buyout Instructions – Click to View

Room Changes


Request to change your current housing assignment during the academic year by submitting a Room Change request.

Room Change Instructions – Click to View


Room changes are open for the Spring 2023 semester and will close on May 3.

Submit Request

Submit your request in the Res Life Portal by selecting the link above, when open. To log in, simply click ‘Sign In’ on the landing page, and then select the button labeled ‘LIBERTY – Student SSO Login’ to log in to the portal with your regular Liberty credentials. Then, select ‘Room Change Request’ from the menu to begin. In the request form, you will be able to search for and view available rooms on campus. If you need assistance, you may contact our office. After completing your request, please allow 2-3 days for processing. If you are approved, a $35 non-refundable administrative fee will be charged to your student account.

Cancel or Change Request

If you need to cancel a Room Change request, call or send an email to let us know. Requests canceled after approval will still be subject to the $35 fee. If you need to make changes on a request already submitted, contact our office to make any necessary updates.

Room Renewals


Room Renewals give you the opportunity to keep your current room for the 2023-2024 academic year! For more information, check out our Housing Selection webpage.

During the academic year and over the summer, you can request to swap rooms with another student.

Room Swap Instructions – Click to View

During the Academic Year

In order to switch rooms with another student during the academic year, both students must submit a Room Change request, specifying “Room Swap” within the request form online, when they are open (see above for instructions and availability). After both requests have been submitted, please allow 2-3 days for processing, and keep in mind that no student is required to change their room assignment once they have secured one.

Over the Summer

In order to switch rooms with another student over the summer (prior to your arrival to campus in the Fall), both students must submit a Room Swap request in the Res Life Portal. For assistance, please review our tutorial (PDF). Please note that:

  • Both students wishing to swap rooms must have already selected a housing assignment for the upcoming academic year.
  • Both students must complete the request and respond to approval prompts within the Res Life Portal for the request to be finalized.
  • Once both students have approved the swap, your room assignments will be automatically switched. If you want to reverse an approved Room Swap, you will each need to create a new Room Swap request and repeat the process for approval.
  • Room Swap requests do not apply to your roommates; they apply only to the two individuals directly submitting the request form. If you have a roommate you would like to live with, they will need to select the room separately using the Housing Selection tool in the Res Life Portal, or they may submit a Room Swap request to trade rooms with another resident.
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