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Official University Clubs & Organizations

The Student Government Association is responsible for managing all clubs and organizations on campus. A current list of the official clubs on campus is provided for your convince. For additional information about a specific club, please contact that club's student representative. All official clubs are required to abide by the club policies as set forth by the SGA. 

Official List of University Clubs & Organizations

Club Name  Student Representative E-Mail Faculty Representative E-Mail

Accounting Society
AFCEA (Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association)
Alpha Lambda Delta: National Honor Society
Alpha Phi Sigma: Theta Sigma Chapter
ASL Silent Club
Association of Marketing Professionals
Association of Students of African Descent (ASAD)
Autism Speaks U
Band of Leaders   
Chinese Student Christian   Association
Circle K International
Comic Book Club
Contrails Club
Council For Exceptional Children
Crossfit Club
Culinary Club
Cure U
Cyber Defense Club
D-Trex Dance Ministry Crew
Democratic Republican Coalition
Element 71
Eta Sigma Gamma
Exercise Science Club
Family and Consumer Sciences Association
Financial Management Club
First Love
Freedom 4/24
Humbly I Serve
Impact Movement
Interior Design Society
International Culture Club
International Justice Mission
Invisible Children
Japanese Culture and Anime Club
Kappa Delta Pi
League of Liberty
Liberty Bass Fishing Club
Liberty Japanese Culture Club  
Liberty Jiu Jitsu Club
Liberty MedServe
Liberty University ASDA Chapter
Liberty University Boxing Club
Liberty University Chess Club
Liberty University Fencing Club
Liberty University International Business Association
Liberty University Robotics Club
Limitless Colombia
LOGOS Linguistic Society
LU Astronomical Society
LU Biology Club
LU Criminal Justice Club

LU Honor Society of Nursing
LU Table Tennis Club
LU Tactical Marksmanship Program
Mathematics Club
Mu Kappa
National Society of Black Engineers
Nations United
Pi Sigma Alpha
Pre-Law Society
Pre-Med Honor Society
Psi Chi Honor Society
Psy Comm
Ratio Cristo,
RC Aircraft Model Club
Reformed University Fellowship
Rotaract Club
Russian Studies Club
S.O.A.R. (Serving Others Using Aviation Resources)
Sigma Tau Delta
Society of Women Engineers
Spanish Club
Strategic Intelligence Society
Student Association of Project Management
Student Film Club
Student Veterans Group
Students Behind Our Servicemembers
Students for Education Reform
Students for Stewardship
Tau Sigma
Truth Be Told
Video Game Club
Visionpoint Club
Women in Aviation
Young Americans for Liberty  
Young Americans for Freedom
Young Life
Young Women for America  
Zeta Chi


More Information

For more information about clubs, inquiries about SGA policies, updated information pertaining to this page, etc., please contact:

Laura King
Clubs Committee Chair