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Numerous times, my positions in SGA garnered interest from employers during interviews. Questions about leadership, problem solving, conflict resolution, and process improvement abounded. Through my experience in SGA, I was able to answer these questions confidently. Leading through Student Government and showing initiative to make your school a better place shows responsibility and passion. You’ll develop personally and professionally. If you put in effort, you will reap the rewards.

Give it a try.

– Evan Kluth, Chief of Staff 2020-2021, Student Body President 2021-2022


Executive Branch

Office of the President

Student Body President
Student Body Vice President

The Student Body Vice President assists the Student Body President in all of the President’s duties. In addition, the Student Body Vice President manages the CSER for all of the Executive Branch and presides over joint sessions of the Representative Branch. They are the second head of SGA and the one most responsible for ensuring the Student Body President implements SGA’s vision.

The Student Body Vice President…

  • requires 18 hours a week
  • must be at least a Junior by credit
  • must have served two semesters in SGA upon declaring candidacy
  • should have strong interpersonal skills, a hard work ethic, public speaking experience, project management experience, and experience leading meetings
  • should expect to work many hours during the summer, breaks, and the school year without compensation
  • is elected by the student body at-large on a ticket with the Student Body President

*Resident Assistants are not eligible to run for the Student Body Vice President

Executive Cabinet

Chief of Staff

Director of Clubs
Director of Communications
Director of Events
Director of Community Affairs

Director of Internal Affairs

The Director of Internal Affairs manages all SGA inter-branch affairs, including relationships with the Senate, House of Representatives, and Judicial Branch. The Director of Internal Affairs manages the legislative process inside the Executive Branch and presents legislation for consideration by the Student Body President. The Director of Internal Affairs attends all Senate and House meetings and works to improve the culture and efficiency of the Representative Branch.

  • The Director of Internal Affairs is a CSER position
  • The Director of Internal Affairs reports to the Chief of Staff
  • The Director of Internal Affairs should have solid conflict resolution skills, good discretion, and experience in the Representative Branch of SGA
  • This position has been filled for the 2023-2024 academic year


Executive Teams

Executive Assistants
Vice Treasurer
Treasury Team
Clubs Team
Communications Team
Events Team
Community Affairs Team

The Community Affairs Team assists the Director of Community Affairs in connecting SGA to the general student body. Responsibilities may vary, but they may include brainstorming outreach strategies, assisting student feedback councils, and tabling for SGA.

  • Potential for CSER
  • Reports to the Director of Community Affairs
  • No experience necessary
  • Connection to underrepresented student groups is preferable, but not required
  • Currently open for the 2023-2024 academic year
Internal Affairs Team

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Elections Positions

Election Commissioner
Election Board

The Election Board, along with the Election Commissioner, ensures the smooth flow of the Student Body Presidential and Vice Presidential election through the coordinating of logistics. The Election Board also acts as a grand jury in election discipline matters.

  • Potential for CSER
  • No experience required
  • Requires impartiality toward presidential and vice presidential candidates
  • Currently open for 2023-2024 academic year

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Representative Branch

House of Representatives

Speaker of the House
Committee Chairpersons
Hall Representative
Commuter Representative
Speaker Assistants



President of the Senate
Committee Chairpersons
Senate Staff



Judicial Branch

Justices & Counsel

Chief Justice
Associate Justices
Clerk of the Court
General Counsel

Assistant General Counsel


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