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Student Court


The Student Court exists to mediate any disputes that may arise between members of the Student Government Association.

The Justices of the Student Court also serve on the Traffic Court, which hears student appeals of traffic and parking citations issued by LUPD.

General inquiries about the Student Court may be directed to any of the Justices.

Submit a Ticket Appeal

Student Court Suits/Appeals 

In most cases, disputes between members of the Student Government Association resolve themselves before judicial action is necessary. Community and understanding are two of the values that SGA seeks to foster, and the members of SGA have been exemplary in demonstrating those qualities.

However, in the event of a suit/appeal from a member of SGA, the Court will take every step to ensure a fair and impartial hearing to all parties involved.

If you have an issue to bring to the Court’s attention, please submit your suit/appeal through the links provided. If the issue is related to Executive or Legislative misconduct, please fill out the Petition for the Creation of an Investigative Committee. If the issue is not related to misconduct, please fill out the Petition for Ruling. If the issue is related to Judicial misconduct, please reference the Constitutional guidance on judicial impeachment and submit your complaint to the appropriate committee in the House or Senate. Please click here to view the Student Court Bylaws.

As with any professional writing, the Court recommends that your written submission be concise.

Chief Justice

Andrew Hilty

My name is Andrew Hilty and I am a Junior studying History. I’m originally from Idaho and love outdoor sports like hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. I enjoy losing in racquetball to the superior Evan Kluth. I am excited to serve the student body of Liberty University by applying the rules in a fair and equitable manner and I am excited to serve with my fellow justices as we learn from each other the principles of justice.






Associate Justices

Ashley Hart

My name is Ashley Hart and I am a Senior studying Pre-Law. I am from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and I love going on spontaneous trips with my friends. I am excited to continue serving as an Associate Justice and hope to balance upholding the rules and administering grace to students. I look forward to serving the student body with my fellow justices this year!





Lauren Hosier

My name is Lauren Hosier and I am a Senior. I am majoring in International Relations: Strategic Intelligence with a minor in American Sign Language Interpreting. I am here to serve the students and be a resource to those in need. I look forward to serving and continuing to grow alongside such intuitive justices.





Landon Keen

Hello! My name is Landon and I’m honored to serve as an Associate Justice for the 2021-2022 term. I am currently an RS on Commons, which has been the highlight of my four years here at Liberty! As an International Relations major, I understand the value of government and how vital student involvement is, which is why I applied to be on the court. Originally, I’m from a small town called Evergreen, Missouri deep in the Ozark mountains. In my free time, I love to hike, camp, and beat Andrew Hilty in chess. A fun fact about me would be that I’ve been to three different continents outside of North America! It is a privilege to serve SGA in this capacity and I look forward to seeing the fruit from our labors.





Caleb Webb

My name is Caleb Webb, and I am from Corbin, Kentucky. I’m majoring in Law & Policy: Pre-Law and minoring in Biblical Studies. I enjoy spending as much time as I can with friends, watching sitcoms and superheroes shows, going hiking, and making late-night Dunkin’ runs. I have a heart for ensuring that fairness is maintained through the rule of law, and I love being able to serve my school by working to uphold justice on the Student Court.






Clerk of the Court

Hannah Loucks

My name is Hannah Loucks and I am the clerk of the student court this year.  I am an accounting major from Idaho, and some of my favorite things are coffee, hiking and just being outdoors.  I am really looking forward to serving the student body of Liberty through the student court and am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Serving on the Student Court

The Court has historically been made up of one Chief Justice and four Associate Justices. The Chief Justice has the authority to appoint Judicial Assistants and Clerks of the Court as he or she desires.

In recognition of the fact that Judicial service has been and continues to be an excellent venue through which student leaders can serve their peers, the Chief Justice welcomes the opportunity to hear from any student who desires to join the Judicial branch.

Please contact the Chief Justice, Andrew Hilty, at any time.