Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Online Degree Program

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Online Degree Program

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Discover Innovative Outreach Methods with a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication

Liberty University’s 100% online Master of Arts in Strategic Communication helps you gain a thorough understanding of today’s digital and traditional marketing strategies and how to utilize the most effective media outreach tools in a way that effectively speaks to your target market. Through the online Master's in Strategic Communication you will learn to wield today’s major players in markets such as video, mobile, and social media while learning the dynamics of leading a marketing team in the business, non-profit, and public service roles.

Why Attend Liberty’s Master's in Strategic Communication Online?

What Is Strategic Communication?
Promotions, social media, video marketing, advertising, and public relations are all avenues of communications and all focus on reaching a target audience to meet a business or organizational goal. These individual outreach options need to be balanced for specific needs and industries to give the best return on resources.

Whether you set out intending to become a marketing outreach professional or you suddenly find yourself in the role of organizing marketing campaigns, the online Masters in Strategic Communication will provide the in-depth study and practice of communication tools and best practices you need to help you succeed. The online Strategic Communication Master’s degree equips you with the training needed to create action-oriented messaging that compel the right audience toward the right solutions for your organization’s goals. Businesses, non-profits, agencies, and organizations across all industries are looking for individuals that can lead the charge to find the best communication strategy to reach that intended audience in a way that resonates and persuades.

Highlights of the Master's in Strategic Communication Online Program

  • By earning your Master of Arts in Strategic Communication from a non-profit university whose online programs ranked in the top five of more than 2,100 online colleges and universities for academic quality, affordability, and accessibility, you will be set apart from others in your field.

  • Complete in-depth courses that emphasize the principles and practices needed to succeed in a variety of strategic communication careers.

  • Develop expertise in digital communication and marketing so that you can help your organization grow in a digital age.

  • Become better equipped for administrative roles for marketing teams working on complex outreach campaigns.

  • Learn from our experienced faculty who bring years of professional and marketplace experience to the classroom with real-world knowledge and hands-on work to your communications training.

What are the Benefits of Pursuing a Master's in Strategic Communication online?

  • Completing a communication degree with industry-specialized training will help increase administrative and communications-focused employment opportunities for you.

  • You will build a professional portfolio designed to prove your utility and expertise with hand-selected projects relevant to your current work or desired career.

  • You will learn cutting-edge information about digital and social media marketing campaigns that help organizations reach an ever-growing global market.

  • The online Master's in Strategic Communication’s final challenge examination or project will demonstrate your expertise to potential employers and provide a hands-on, practical application your communication strategies training.

  • Completing the online Master's in Strategic Communication will open the door to future doctoral studies focused on practical applications of communication.

What Will You Learn in the Online Master's in Strategic Communication Degree?

Liberty University’s online Master's in Strategic Communication is designed to help students retool traditional communication strategies skills for the latest in digital outreach methods. The core content of the Strategic Communication Master’s Degree leads students through hands-on digital communications projects that will give them important insights into the communication theory behind successful marketing and outreach. Students will learn effective Strategic Storytelling techniques that will help them craft effective messaging for their audiences, as well as best practices for specific digital communication methods, such as Social Media and Video promotions. Students will learn the impact of creating broad campaigns across multiple media and how a combination of individual communication methods can create a greater overall impact.

The online Master of Arts in Strategic Communications degree course of study will conclude with either a Challenge Examination designed to test your knowledge and practical problem-solving skills or a Capstone Project which will be a formalized project with academically-focused research.

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Master's in Strategic Communication Online Degree Format

  • 100% Online
  • 36 total hours
  • A maximum of 50% of the program hours may transfer if approved and allowable.
  • Eight-week courses, eight different start dates each year, and no set login times.

Online Master's in Strategic Communication Information and Requirements


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Potential Career Options for Online Master's in Communication Graduates

  • Advertising and Public Relations

  • Business Marketing

  • Communication Analyst

  • Communications Manager/Director

  • Corporate Communications

  • Public Relations Consulting

  • Education


Students who complete the online Master's in Strategic Communication will prepare you for high-level marketing and digital advertisement roles, marketing project management roles, and higher education. The Challenge Examination or Capstone Project can form the basis for doctoral research, or open the door to publishing opportunities. Students who complete the Master's in Strategic Communication will also be relevant in traditional marketing roles, especially where employers are seeking to retool for digital marketing.