Intensives Transportation Online Degree Program

What is a Liberty University Intensive? 

Intensives are weeklong on-campus classes where students pursuing one of our Liberty University degree programs are given the opportunity to meet and interact with professors and peers, explore Liberty’s campus, and immerse themselves in the Liberty atmosphere.

For students seeking their master’s degree online, certain degree tracks require, or give as an option, the ability to attend one of our on-campus intensive courses.


    Transportation Services

    Campus Bus Service

    While on campus for the intensives portion of our online programs, students are able to access Liberty University’s shuttle services.

    Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC)

    Liberty University has given both residential and on-campus intensive students the ability to use their Flames Pass on GLTC buses to get around Lynchburg. To provide a more convenient and enriching experience for students pursuing their Liberty University degrees online, we seek to create a variety of transportation avenues. In order to access this benefit, students will need to contact ID and Campus Services to set up their pass.

    Additional Information

    Hotel Shuttles
    Area Maps
    Parking On-Campus

    Airport Information

    Lynchburg Regional Airport

    Lynchburg Regional Airport (LYH) is located at the intersection of Route 29 South and Route 460. This is the closest airport to Liberty University and both our Liberty Transit Department and the Bella Vista Hotel & Suites provide transportation to and from the airport. If you wish to access this benefit, you will need to fill out a transportation form. LYH asks passengers to arrive one hour before their scheduled flight.

    Roanoke Airport

    The Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport is a little over an hour from Liberty University. Students who are in need of shuttle services from the airport to their hotel will need to contact Liberty University’s Transit Services by filling out a transportation form. Please ensure that this request is submitted two weeks before your arrival.

    Limited transportation to and from the Roanoke Regional Airport (ROA) is available from LU Transit. The cost is $75 one-way and $100 round trip. Once you have completed the transportation form, LU Transit will contact you to confirm your itinerary and hotel location (please select “Main Campus” and enter the number 01 in the “Dorm #” box, we will adjust the location to your hotel after we call you to confirm your itinerary).

    Area Maps

    If you find yourself needing a break from schoolwork or have some extra time on your hands while visiting our beautiful Liberty University campus for your on-campus intensive, please take time to explore the campus and surrounding Lynchburg area. Liberty University intensives provide you with an alternative option in your pursuit of a college degree online, so make the most of this unique opportunity!


    Lynchburg offers a wide array of local events, shopping, historical monuments, and delicious eateries. On Lynchburg’s discovery map, you will be able to locate events that are occurring while you are in town, as well as services that are provided near your Liberty University intensive location.

    Liberty University’s Main Campus

    Check out Liberty University’s campus map to access a self-guided tour, view our academic buildings and auxiliary sites, and review our transportation routes. It is good to familiarize yourself with this to promote a more enjoyable on-campus experience through understanding important building locations.

    Parking On-Campus

    Before you arrive on Liberty’s campus in Lynchburg, Va., you will receive a packet of information containing a parking pass, campus map, and other valuable intensive information. This packet will come to you in one of two ways:

    • If this is your first time coming to campus for an intensive, you will receive this information by mail.
    • If you have been to campus before, you will receive this information via email. The parking pass will be linked to this email, and you will need to print it before you arrive.

    When you arrive on campus, ensure that the top portion of your parking pass is filled out and placed on the dashboard of your vehicle. The bottom portion of the pass should be given to one of the hospitality staff members at your intensive class location.

    Please note that your car will not be registered with LUPD until you have returned the bottom portion of the parking permit. If you did not receive a temporary parking permit by email or mail, you will need to see a member of the hospitality intensives team to obtain one. Please take a moment to look at the LUPD website and information regarding Liberty University’s intensives parking regulations.

    Hotel Shuttles

    Liberty University intensives students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Lynchburg, Va. Several of the hotels and B&B’s listed on the lodging page provide shuttle services to and from the Lynchburg Regional Airport (LYH) and the Kemper AMTRAK/Greyhound Station. 

    Fairfield Inn & Suites is located on-campus and provides shuttles to and from the Lynchburg Regional Airport and Kemper AMTRAK/Greyhound Station. This particular hotel also has available ADA accessible shuttle service to the campus every 20 minutes between 7 a.m.-midnight on weekdays and 8 a.m.-midnight on weekends from Fairfield Inn & Suites.

    Taxi Cab Services

    Allied Cabs: (434) 845-7039
    City Cabs: (434) 846-0231
    Gray Top Cabs: (434) 845-4554
    Hill City Cabs: (434) 845-8554
    K & J Limousine Service, Inc.: (434) 385-7780
    Premier Limousine Service, LLC: (434) 385-8400