Intensive Parking Pass Online Degree Program

Parking Information

We are looking forward to welcoming you to campus for your intensive course! Please be sure to read the following parking information to ensure your stay with us goes smoothly.

Stay up-to-date while visiting the campus for your intensive by downloading the Liberty Today app for easy access to a campus map, calendar of LU events, important announcements, and so much more!

How Do I Obtain a Parking Pass?

Before you arrive on Liberty’s campus in Lynchburg, Va. for your intensive, you will receive a packet of information containing a parking pass, campus map, and other valuable intensive information. This packet will come to you in one of two ways:

  • If this is your first time coming to campus for an intensive, you will receive this information by mail.
  • If you have been to campus before, you will receive this information via email. The parking pass will be linked to this email, and you will need to print it before you arrive.

When you arrive on campus, ensure that the top portion of your parking pass is filled out and placed on the dashboard of your vehicle. The bottom portion of the pass should be given to one of the hospitality staff members at your intensive class location.

Where Do I Park?

You will be able to park in the Speakman Parking Lot or on the first floor of the Academic Commons Parking Garage if your class is located in DeMoss Hall, Center for Music and Worship, Center for Natural Science, or the Jerry Falwell Library.

Liberty Mountain Conference Center Parking Lot

For students whose intensive course meets at the Liberty Mountain Conference Center, you will need to park in the conference center’s designated spots. These designated parking spots are indicated by a plaque and are painted yellow for easy recognition. Please ensure that you are parked in our parking spots to avoid towing. The conference center is adjacent to campus, but it is located in an off-campus location and will not be viewable on the campus map.


If you are parked in an undesignated spot or do not have your parking pass visibly displayed on your dashboard, you run the risk of being towed. If you happen to be towed, you will need to contact our Liberty University Police Department. Please note that you are responsible for the charges attached to the tow. If you have any questions about where you parked, please ask an intensives hospitality staff member.

LUPD contact information:

If you have further questions regarding parking, email us at

Hospitality Station

In the event that you did not receive the pass prior to your arrival on campus, you can obtain one from the hospitality station located near your classroom. Parking passes for your class location can also be picked up at the Liberty Mountain Conference Center, located off-campus.