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Online Degree Programs Intensives Enrollment Information

When preparing to visit Liberty University’s campus in Lynchburg, VA, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the information listed below to ensure quality in enrolling in your intensive. Liberty University wants you to always feel prepared and confident throughout the intensives process!

How to Register
Important Information
Pre-Course Work
Additional Information

How to Register for Intensive Classes

Students who wish to register for their intensive courses can do so independently or through assistance from an Academic Advisor. It is highly recommended, however, that students register for Liberty University intensive courses through Academic Advising to ensure they are provided with the proper information and preparation for their on-campus visit. Academic Advisors will also be able to assist with any questions or problems regarding registration that may arise.

Enrollment for intensive courses must be completed by the Liberty University Online Semester Term Structure. Students should register for an intensive as soon as possible once registration opens for the semester they wish to take their on-campus intensive.

Important Information About Intensives

Intensive courses require the student attend online before the residential dates of the course either through completing the course requirements checklist (CRC) or submitting an assignment. All assignments for the intensive course must fall between the start and end dates of the course as listed. If any academic activity is completed by the student in Blackboard within the “PREPST” dates that are located in ASIST, the student will be officially marked as attending the course. If the student no longer wishes to keep the course after he/she has attended, it will be processed as a withdrawal (even if it is before the residential portion of the course). 

Please note:

  • Students must register for intensive courses at least 30 days prior to the beginning of that course. Some intensive courses fill up fast! Contact us to be sure you get the courses you need.
  • Check Blackboard and your Liberty email weekly for information that you may need prior to your arrival on-campus.
  • Failure to complete the Course Requirement Checklist (CRC) will result in the student being dropped for non-attendance.

How to Access Your Pre-Course Assignments

  1. To obtain pre-course assignments you will need to go to and click on the “Sign In” button at the top right of the page. Follow the instructions to sign in to your account.
  2. Once you are logged in, you will see a link for Blackboard in the login shortcut box. Select your intensive from the list of classes.
  3. Your class information will be posted under “Course Content”. This includes reading and other assignments that the professor expects to be completed before attending class, as well as the course syllabus.
  4. It is your responsibility to purchase your textbooks, print out the pre-course assignments, and have them completed before the first day of class.


Textbooks for intensive courses are typically available for purchase through MBS Direct. If you need to use a book voucher, you will need to purchase your books through MBS Direct. Occasionally, there may be exceptions where you need to buy textbooks for your intensive course from our on-campus bookstore.

Should you need help or have questions regarding purchasing your intensive course textbooks, you can call Academic Advising at (800) 424-9596 for assistance. 

Cancelation of an Intensive Course

Occasionally, low enrollment in an intensive course may cause it to be canceled. Our online Intensive Course Schedule will be updated weekly concerning course closings and/or cancelations. Please make sure that you are checking this to prevent confusion. If questions regarding this arise, you will need to contact Academic Advising at (800) 424-9596.