Kirkley Hotel Liberty University Intensives

Liberty University Intensives: Off-Campus Week-Long Package (Dinner Included)

Students enrolling in a five-day format (Monday – Friday) intensive course in Lynchburg, Virginia will have the opportunity to package the cost of hotel, breakfast, lunch, and dinner through the Kirkley Hotel and Conference Center as one fee applied directly to their student account. Our convenient off-campus weeklong intensive package allows students to apply their financial aid toward this fee in order to minimize out-of-pocket expenses!

To apply for an off-campus week-long intensive housing package or request more information, call (800) 424-9596 or email

While you are on campus for your intensive, you can email if you have any needs. Please note that it is your responsibility to arrange transportation (i.e. flight, bus, train, etc.) to Lynchburg, Virginia for your intensive course.

Important Information
Preparing for Your Stay
Cancellation Policy
Additional FAQ’s

Important Information about Your Off-Campus Intensive Package

Students who choose to participate in our off-campus weeklong intensive package will be assessed the regular tuition cost per credit hour as well as an intensive fee of $799.

Included in this fee are the following accommodations and amenities:

Hotel Accommodations

  • Students will be provided with a hotel room Sunday – Thursday night in addition to Wi-Fi in the hotel and on campus. Parking, gratuities, food tax, and service fees will also be covered.
  • Upon arrival, the hotel will run a credit card for any incidentals outside of what is included in the intensive fee package. Please note that this is hotel protocol, most hotels do this as a means of precaution.


  • Students will be given a meal card during check-in at the hotel that will serve as their meal pass for their stay. Please ensure this is with you at all times as well as your Flames Pass.
  • Breakfast – Provided Monday – Friday by the hotel beginning at 6:30 a.m.
  • Lunch – Provided Monday – Friday on campus through LU Dining Services.*
  • Dinner – Provided Monday – Thursday at the hotel and served 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

How We Prepare for Your Stay


  • Liberty University will be responsible for booking hotel accommodations for the student.
  • Students will receive a confirmation email from the hotel regarding their accommodations before arrival in Lynchburg, VA. Included in this email will be information on Shuttle Service provided by the hotel. Please pay close attention to these details. If the student has not received a confirmation email before departure, he or she will need to contact Academic Advising.

*Note: Does not include room service or meals outside of hotel/package. Please be advised that food prepared and served may contain various allergens. If you have a specific food allergy, please make our staff aware so that we may do our best to accommodate your needs.

Shuttle Service

The hotel will provide shuttle services to and from the Lynchburg Regional Airport, bus station, and train station as well as transportation to and from campus.

  • Upon arrival in Lynchburg, the student will call the hotel (434) 237-6333 and arrange pick-up.
  • Students are able to board any GLTC bus in Lynchburg with their Flames Pass. For more information about bus routes and schedule, call (434) 455-5080 or visit the GLTC Website.
  • Directions to the closest bus stop from the Kirkley Hotel:
    If staying at the Kirkley, walk to the corner of Candlers Mountain Road and Wards Road.
    Turn left on Woodall Rd out of hotel parking lot then turn right on Candlers Mountain Road.
    Go straight to corner of Candlers Mountain Road and Wards Road.
    Turn right on Wards Road and you will find the bus stop just past walking over the bridge (near Koto Japanese Restaurant).

*Note: Any locations outside of the aforementioned services will be the student’s responsibility.

Cancellation Policy

If you choose to cancel your request to participate in the Intensive Package fee, please contact an academic advisor immediately to request the cancellation, and see below for important information on your potential financial obligation.

Drops before or on 15 days prior
to the intensive course start date

Drops within 14 days of the
intensive course start date

Drops on or after
the “on-campus” start date

The student will not be liable
for the intensive package fee.

Student liable for $250
of the intensive package fee.

Student liable for the entirety ($799)
of the intensive package fee.

For information regarding a withdrawal from an intensive course and how this will affect tuition, please contact an advisor by calling (800) 424-9596.

Additional FAQ’s

Is my family able to stay with me?

  • Yes. The student will need to notify the hotel of this request after receiving their reservation confirmation email. An additional fee will be assessed. Each extra individual aged 7 or older will be charged an extra $10/night for breakfast and amenities. King rooms allow for two occupants. Double rooms allow for four occupants.

Is my family able to participate in meals?

  • Family members will be able to participate in dinners for $15/adult or $8/child. This fee will be assessed upon check-in.

Am I able to book extra nights at the hotel?

  • Yes. Students can make arrangements with the hotel no earlier than 14 days prior to their intensive course start date if they are in need of staying extra nights before or after their included intensive stay. The hotel is willing to honor the intensive rate for a night before or after their intensive stay.

Will childcare be provided?

  • No. Childcare will not be available at the intensive site or the hotel.

*This opportunity is subject to availability per week. If you have questions or concerns regarding the off-campus weeklong intensive package, please contact Academic Advising at (800) 424-9596. Liberty University reserves the right to reject requests for hotel reservations. Additionally, any behavior that is a disturbance or inconsistent with the law and/or Liberty’s conduct codes (requires login) can be cause for rejecting requests for room reservations.