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Why Pursue an M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language?

Liberty’s 100% online M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language can empower you to teach in the United States or travel abroad to teach in Asia, the Middle East, or any other region of the world where English language teachers are in demand. With Liberty’s M.A. in TESL, you can embed yourself in a foreign culture and share the gift of language while gaining a rich and immersive experience that goes far beyond tourism!

Get the broad skill set and practical training you need to succeed as an ESL instructor! In this degree, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of applied grammar, linguistics, and second language acquisition. You will not only learn about the practical use of the English language, but you will also study the syntax and phonology of the major languages of the world so you can better understand how to approach students from a variety of language backgrounds. With Liberty’s M.A. in TESL, you can create a fun and effective learning environment to help English language learners thrive!

How Do I Complete the Admission Requirements for the Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Degree?

  1. Apply online or call an admissions counselor at (800) 424-9596A non-refundable, non-transferable $50 application fee will be posted on the current application upon enrollment (waived for qualifying service members, veterans, and military spouses – documentation verifying military status is required).
  2. Fax/scan unofficial college transcripts. Unofficial transcripts can be used for acceptance purposes with the submission of a transcript request form.
  3. Mail official college transcripts (sealed, unopened copy or via a direct electronic transcript system) showing a regionally or nationally accredited bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 for admission in good standing. Students with a GPA between 2.5 and 2.99 may be considered for admission on caution. Applicants who have earned a master’s degree or at least 12 graduate credits from an accredited institution will be assessed on the basis of the masters-level degree work. *Please Note: This program requires that you have at least 6 credit hours of undergraduate or graduate language studies courses in order to graduate. If you do not already have these courses, you will need to complete them before graduation with the MA in TESL, outside of the degree.
  4. Statement of Purpose
  5. Department Approval
  6. Applicants whose native language is other than English must submit official scores for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or an approved alternative assessment. For information on alternative assessments or TOEFL waivers, please call Admissions or view the official International Admissions policy.

The Office of Graduate Admissions may request additional documentation when conducting admission reviews to evaluate a candidate’s record before a final admission decision can be made.

Preliminary Acceptance
Dual Enrollment
Transcript Policies

Preliminary Acceptance

If you are sending in a preliminary transcript for acceptance, you must:

  • Be in your final term and planning to start your master’s degree after the last day of class for your bachelor’s degree.
  • Submit an official/unofficial transcript to confirm that you are in your final term. The preliminary transcripts must show a minimum of 105 completed credit hours. 
  • If you are a current Liberty University student completing your undergraduate degree, you will need to submit a Degree/Certificate Completion Application
  • Send in an additional, final official transcript with a conferral date on it by the end of your first semester of enrollment.

Dual Enrollment

Please see the Online Dual Enrollment page for information about starting graduate courses while finishing your bachelor’s degree.

Unofficial College Transcript Policy

Unofficial transcripts combined with a Transcript Request Form can be used for admission. Official transcripts are required within 60 days of acceptance and will prevent enrollment into future terms until all official transcripts have been received.

Before sending unofficial college transcripts, please make sure they include the following:

  • • Your previous school’s name or logo printed on the document
  • Cumulative GPA
  • A list of completed courses and earned credit broken down by semester
  • Degree and date conferred (if applicable)

Official College Transcript Policy

An acceptable official college transcript must be issued directly from the institution in a sealed envelope with a signature across the back. If you have one in your possession, it must meet the same requirements.

Official college transcripts are not required initially for acceptance if unofficial transcripts are provided; however, if the student uses unofficial transcripts to earn acceptance, all official transcripts must be received within 60 days of the admissions decision. Failure to send all official transcripts within the 60-day time frame will prevent registration.

Liberty University Admissions Office Contact Information

(800) 424-9596

(888) 301-3577

Email for Questions

Email for Sending Documents

Liberty University Online Admissions Verification
1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg, VA 24515



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