Undergraduate Areas Of Study INDS

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Degrees

At Liberty University, our interdisciplinary degrees give you the opportunity to combine 2 or 3 unique areas of study to customize your major with multiple disciplines. If you choose to pursue multiple areas of study, each must contain at least 15 credit hours.

This information applies to students in 2019 and beyond Degree Completion Plans. Students in 2014 to 2018 DCPs should consult with their academic evaluator for more accurate listings.

Please note the following:

  1. You may not apply more than 30 credits of one prefix to your areas of study.
  2. You may not select all of your areas of study from under the same general area of study. Thus, you may not select a general area of study and a specialized area of study that falls under that general area of study. Likewise, you may not select multiple specialized areas of study that fall under the same general area of study with no third area of study from a completely different general area of study. 

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