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M.A. in Religion: Theology

Master's Degree in Religion: Theology

Residential Master’s Degree in Religion: Theology

Enhance your understanding of theology as it relates to ministry, leadership, and your spiritual life. Are you fascinated by the deep, interwoven messages and themes of the Bible? Do you enjoy the academic study of Scripture? The Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.): Theology is a comprehensive degree essential for gaining an in-depth understanding of Scripture and biblical truths.

Explore Scripture and the essential truths of Christianity and graduate ready to continue your education or enter the ministry.

The Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) degree provides foundational instruction in discipleship ministry, sermon preparation, and practical ministry skills. Through this degree, you’ll participate in the intensive study of the Scriptures and the essential truths of the Christian message.

This program benefits pastors and ministry leaders who seek a firm scriptural foundation for service in Christian ministry. It also lays the groundwork for potential advanced studies in a program like the 75-hour Master of Divinity.

The M.A. in Religion (M.A.R.): Theology degree is also offered online

Academics: M.A.R.: Theology

Credit Hours

60 total credit hours


Program of Study (DCP)

Master of Arts (M.A.R.): Theology (DCP)

Courses in Theology

  • Discipleship Ministries (DSMN 500)
  • Contemporary Evangelism (EVAN 525)
  • Doctrine of God (THEO 626)
  • Eschatology (THEO 630)

Admissions Requirements & More

Find M.A.R in Theology admissions requirements, transfer information, and accreditation on the Residential Admissions site.

Career Opportunities With an M.A.R. Degree

  • Associate Pastor
  • Church Education Administrator
  • Lay Ministry Leader
  • Missionary
  • Teaching Pastor