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Who can be a Graduate Student Assistant (GSA)?

In keeping with our mission to train champions for Christ, we select graduate students for our GSA program who are committed to Christ, their academic studies, and their own professional and spiritual development.

What is a GSA?

GSA’s are all master’s and doctoral level students who serve in academic support roles for School of Divinity and Theological Seminary professors.

Responsibilities and Compensation

  • On average, GSAs work twenty hours per week in their assigned academic department.
  • Each GSA is awarded a tuition scholarship equivalent to a full-time course load in their respective degree. Eighteen credit hours are given per academic year (9-credit hours in the fall and 9-credit hours in the spring).
  • GSAs will also receive a stipend for each semester contracted.
  • Participation in all undergraduate classes to which the GA is assigned.
  • Leading small discussion groups throughout the semester with approximately 20 – 25 undergraduate students per discussion group.
  • Assisting in the grading of written assignments such as essays, papers, tests, etc.
  • Monitoring of tests and quizzes.
  • Maintaining regular office hours throughout the week to assist students within the class.
  • When appropriate, teaching for the professor of the class section in which the GA is assisting.


  • Graduate Student Assistants must maintain at a 3.0 GPA or higher. Those with lower GPAs will be placed on academic probation and must raise their GPA the next semester.
  • GSA positions are reviewed annually and the School of Divinity will offer contract renewal based on need and GSA performance.


  • Supervision by divinity faculty member.
    Each GA will work under the direction and supervision of the professor to whom the GA is assigned, and also under the Coordinator of divinity graduate assistance programs.
  • Assigning of GA’s
    GA’s will be assigned to faculty members based on factors such as the size of the class, teaching methods, teaching styles, availability of GA’s, and faculty requests.
  • Lead weekly discussion groups 
    Each GA will lead weekly discussion groups of 20-25 undergraduate students. These discussion groups will be mandatory or optional, depending on the particular professor.
  • Weekly GA meeting – With coordinator
    All GA’s will be required to attend a bi-weekly meeting with the supervisor of the GA’s.

If you are interested in applying to be a Graduate Student, inquire about openings with our GSA liaison: Nikki Wilkins at