Master of Arts in Religion – Christian Apologetics Online Degree Program

Master of Arts in Religion – Christian Apologetics Online Degree Program

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Learn to Defend the Christian Faith with a Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) – Christian Apologetics Degree

Liberty University’s 100% online Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) with the Christian Apologetics area of study is designed to prepare students entering ministry with an in-depth but practical study of theology and ministry practice, with advanced content in Christian Apologetics. While completing Liberty's online ministry degree, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a program that provides flexibility to tailor the degree plan to their passions and needs. Students who complete an online degree in theology studies, like the online Master of Arts in Religion, will be able to effectively pursue ministry in churches, parachurch organizations, and non-profit ministry while opening the door to further study at the graduate and doctoral levels.

Christian Apologetics provides an investigation of important questions by congregations, believers, and unbelievers about the truthfulness and relevance of Scripture and the Christian faith. Through studying important works and individuals in Christian theology, biblical study, and Christian thought, students in the Christian Apologetics area of study will be prepared to meet challenges with truth and love.

Why Choose Liberty University’s Online Master of Arts in Religion – Christian Apologetics?

As a fully accredited online Christian college, Liberty University’s online ministry degrees hold weight with our Master’s Degree credentials while still providing the flexibility of a 100% online degree. Liberty University’s online seminary programs, such as the online Master's in Religion, will give you a fully-fledged, fully accredited online college degree that will equip you for ministry in a variety of fields.

While the online Master of Arts in Religion provides a thorough background in many important ministry skills and knowledge, the Christian Apologetics area of study gives students a further protection against doubts and bolsters their faith as they learn how to address common questions and challenges to Christian doctrine with faith and reason combined. This degree will equip students with the understanding and skills to explain and reinforce Christianity through the important and fascinating study of Christian Apologetics.

Highlights of the Online Christian Apologetics Program

  • By earning your online Master of Arts in Religion degree from a non-profit university whose online programs ranked in the top five of more than 2,100 online colleges and universities for academic quality, affordability, and accessibility, you will be set apart from others in the field.
  • Liberty University’s Online Seminary, the Rawlings School of Divinity, has theologians and experienced ministry professionals who teach practical ministry skills while imparting deep theological teaching.
  • Learn from renowned biblical studies scholars in the Liberty University School of Divinity, such as Dr. Elmer L. Towns, Dr. Harold Willmington, and Dr. Gary R. Habermas.
  • Grow in your own faith and help bolster others through studying the intersection of scriptural doctrine and logical reasoning in Christian Apologetics.

What are the Benefits of Liberty’s Online Seminary Degrees?

  • Unlike with many online bible colleges or online seminary programs, students who complete the online Masters in Religion Degree will receive a degree fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
  • Liberty University online seminary students can complete Institutional Challenge Exams (ICE) to get college credit for personal studies and expertise in ministry.
  • As a special exception to Liberty University’s online multi-degree transfer policy, students who pursue the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) after graduating with the online Master of Arts in Religion will be permitted to transfer up to 60 credit hours of their MAR content to the M.Div. degree.
  • Liberty’s online degrees in divinity through the online seminary have a discounted graduate tuition of $395 per credit for part-time.
  • Online Seminary Block Rate: students attending full time or higher (9-15 credit hours) are eligible for a block rate of only $2750 per semester!*


*Credits taken above 15 credit hours for the Master of Religion Online are charged at the part-time rate.

What Will You Learn in the Online Master of Arts in Religion – Christian Apologetics?

Liberty University’s Online Master of Arts in Religion can be completed 100% online and contains extensive, well-rounded training in ministry, administration of Christian organizations, theology studies, and biblical studies. The core of the online Masters in Religion will provide in-depth topical studies of the Old and New Testament, History of Christianity, Systematic Theology, and the Research, Writing, and sermon preparation process.

The Christian Apologetics area of focus for the online Master of Arts in Religion degree leads students through a thorough examination of the history, scripture, theology, and arguments of Christian Apologetics. Students will learn to identify and answer challenges to the Christian faith such as supposed conflicts of Christian faith with scientific discovery, and the philosophical problem of pain and suffering in the world. Students will learn from important Christian apologists from the early church such as Saint Augustine while gaining modern perspectives from more recent voices like C.S. Lewis. With this foundation of knowledge, students will engage with courses focused on current issues that address modern criticisms of Christianity and the Church. The careful study of Christian Apologetics in the online Master of Arts in Religion will equip students to be a voice of encouragement to the church, as well as a voice of love and reason to help bring others to Christ.

Students who pursue an online ministry program through Liberty University’s online seminary will also be prepared for an academic career of writing and research, leading to further graduate studies through the Master of Divinity (M.Div.), or a Doctoral program such as the online Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.). The online Master of Arts in Religion is a well-balanced, thorough blend of theory and practical studies that will suit students pursuing active ministry as well as academics.

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Military Benefits

Are you a service member, veteran, military spouse, or Department of Defense employee? We are proud to support you in your pursuit of online education by offering the following military-friendly benefits for the online Master of Divinity program:

  • Discounted tuition rate of $275 per credit hour at part-time.
  • Discounted Divinity Block Rate: $2475 per semester - only $165/credit at 15 credit hours!*


*Credits taken above 15 credit hours for the Master of Religion Online are charged at the part-time rate.

Online Masters in Religious Studies Program Format

  • 100% Online
  • 60 total hours
  • A maximum of 50% of the program hours may be transferred if approved and available.
  • Eight-week courses, eight different start dates each year, and no set login times.

Online Masters in Religion Degree Information and Requirements


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Potential Career Options for Graduates of a Christian Apologetics Online Degree

  • Associate Pastor
  • Church Education Administrator
  • Lay Ministry Leader
  • Missionary
  • Teaching Pastor
  • Religion Adjunct Teaching
  • K-12 Religion Teaching

Graduates of the online seminary’s Master of Arts in Religion will be prepared to tackle challenges in active, full-time ministry with churches and parachurch organizations while being well situated to continue graduate or doctoral studies. Since most doctoral-level religion degrees require a Master of Divinity (M.Div.), students who want to pursue doctoral studies would be encouraged to pursue Liberty’s online M.Div. program and will receive the maximum possible transfers of their online Masters in Religion credit. In the meantime, graduates of Liberty’s online ministry degrees may be qualified for college-level and K-12 religious studies teaching.