Master of Science in Cyber Security

MS in Cyber Security

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All sectors of U.S. society- public, corporate, and personal- are experiencing an increasing risk to cyber-attack and cyber warfare. To address this escalating need in our country, the Master of Science in Cyber Security will instruct students in advanced defense of computer and network security, equipping them to combat existing threats and bolster systems to withstand future attacks. Students are prepared to work as “cyber warriors” in the government and military arenas or as security professionals in industry. 

Courses focus on providing students with the analytical framework necessary for prevention, detection, countering, and recovery from security vulnerabilities and cyber incidents. Students will also study the tools, standards, and practices related to an organization’s cyberspace infrastructure.  These skills will be reinforced with numerous practical hands-on lab exercises in each course, allowing students to develop their abilities in realistic scenarios and prepare for professional certifications which would further enhance their expertise in the ever-changing field of cyber security. 

Quick Facts

2016-2017 Tuition

  • $565 per credit hour (based on full-time enrollment)
  • $225 course fee (excluding CSCI 561, CSCI 612, and CSCI 620)


Credit Hours

  • 36 total credit hours
  • Up to 12 credit hours can be transferred in


Potential Career Fields

  • Information security specialist
  • Security engineer
  • Penetration Tester/Ethical Hacker
  • Digital Forensics Analyst
  • Secure Network Engineer
  • Security Researcher


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