Earn College Credit for Your Certificate Experience

Apply Certificate Credit Toward Furthering Your Education

Apply Credit From Your Online Certificate Program Toward Furthering Your Education

Our faculty has reviewed the curriculum, learning outcomes, and instructor's qualifications for each online certificate program. From this, we have designed a process of validating students' previous online certificate program learning experiences. In congruence with the university's policy, we follow the portfolio assessment procedures recommended by the Council for Adult & Experiential Learning.

If you have completed one of the online certificate programs below and wish to use it towards earning a degree, please carefully examine the provided information for each certificate. Should any other questions arise, please contact our Experience Plus Team.

Liberty Home Bible Institute

Liberty Home Bible Institute is a correspondence certificate program for individuals who are seeking to learn more about the Bible and enhance their current understanding of biblical principles. Gaining professional certifications in completing this certificate program will help prepare you for your next educational step.

To be awarded college credit for your work in the Liberty Home Bible Institute, you must complete the Application for Credit by Portfolio.

Please note that Liberty University no longer facilitates new enrollment in the Liberty Home Bible Institute. If you are a current certificate program student or have questions about your program, please review this FAQs page* for more information.

*Please Note: You will be redirected to The King is Coming Biblical Studies Diploma Program taught by Dr. Ed Hindson.

Light Learning Institute (American Association of Christian Counselors)

The American Association of Christian Counselors is a 50,000 member organization that is committed to assisting Christian counselors, licensed professionals, pastors, and lay church members who have little or no formal training. Students who complete certificate courses through the Light Learning Institute of the American Association of Christian Counselors can validate their certificate through the Experience Plus assessment process. Please fill out the Application for Credit by Portfolio form for your experience to be reviewed.

Please note that students must be enrolled in at least one course at Liberty University to meet the eligibility requirements for this process.

Institute of Biblical Studies

If you have completed a certificate program from the Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS) and are applying to an Associates or Bachelors degree program at Liberty University, you will be prepared to test out of the following courses through Institutional Challenge Exams (ICE): 

  • Old Testament Survey (BIBL 105)
  • New Testament Survey (BIBL 110)

Check out the list of policies and fees for taking the ICE exams.

Church Bible Institute

The Church Bible Institute is an internet-based, all-inclusive online certificate program that is designed for churches. The function of the Church Bible Institute is to aid in the immediate opening of a church-based Bible Institute by furnishing an all-inclusive online certificate program, curriculum, tests, marketing material, and more. The online certificate programs within the Church Bible Institute are geared to providing everything churches need to start their own church-based Bible Institute online.

If you have completed the Church Bible Institute online certificate program and are applying to an Associates or Bachelors degree program at Liberty University, you will be prepared to test out of the following courses through Institutional Challenge Exams (ICE): 

  • Old Testament Survey (BIBL 105)
  • New Testament Survey (BIBL 110)

Review the list of policies and fees for taking the ICE exams.

Ethnos360 Bible Institute

The following Institutional Challenge Exams (ICE) are offered to graduates of New Tribes Bible Institute seeking professional certifications for continual education development. If you are pursuing an Associates degree in Religion or a Bachelors degree in Religion, you may be able to earn up to 21 credits by taking ICE exams. Below are online certificate program exams (ICE exams) for graduates of New Tribes Mission to consider.

  • Old Testament Survey (BIBL 105)
  • New Testament Survey (BIBL 110)
  • Theology Survey I (THEO 201)
  • Theology Survey II (THEO 202)
  • Daniel/Revelation (BIBL 450)

Please review the guidelines and fees associated with ICE online certificate program exams. Also, you may consider the portfolio process to petition for credit certifications in Evangelism (EVAN 101) and Missions (GLST 200). We encourage you to learn more about this option!

Worship Conferences

In partnership with the National Worship Leader Conference, Experience Conference, and the Worship Life Conference, the Liberty University School of Music offers online certificate programs in Music & Worship to all who attend one or more of these summer conferences.

The mission of the School of Music is “to train and equip musicians to be Champions for Christ.” We seek to provide the opportunity for you to explore a variety of music interests through our multiple degree options, career preparation, performance opportunities, and student-led organizations. We believe these are exciting days for those preparing to lead God’s people in worship.

Here’s how the credit certificate program works:

  1. Attend the Conference.
  2. While at the Conference, come by the Liberty University School of Music booth so our representative can collect some information from you.
  3. Within four weeks, the School of Music will send you a packet of information including your Certificate in Music & Worship. That’s it! It’s completely free.
    • Attendees will also receive information on how to return the credit certificate for three hours of credit towards a B.S. in Religion, M.A. in Worship Studies, or M.A. in Music & Worship Degree.
    • Complete the application for the credit certificate by submitting the Portfolio form along with:
      • Your resume
      • One page of written testimony
      • Online Degree Application for Enrollment ($40 Application Fee)
      • One Book Report
      • An Annotated Bibliography
      • Two 3-5 page essays
    • Send the completed work, along with $100 processing fee, to the Portfolio Coordinator at LU. All information on how to complete this “homework” will be explained in the mailed packet each attendee receives. 

This process provides an opportunity for conference attendees to receive three hours of credit towards one of the previously stated degrees, which means a savings of over $1,100 in tuition! We hope you will prayerfully consider joining us at one of these conferences and taking advantage of this exciting credit certificate initiative!

If you have any questions, please contact Timmy Williamson, Director of Communication, in the Liberty University School of Music at tjwilliamson2@liberty.edu.


Please submit a copy of your certificate of completion to eplus@liberty.edu for credit.