College Of Applied Studies And Academic Success CASAS

Achieve Academic Success with CASAS

As a residential student, you will have countless opportunities to learn and grow throughout your college degree program, and our College of Applied Studies and Academic Success (CASAS) is here to support you with tools and resources to help you thrive academically.

At CASAS, you’ll find supplemental study aids and advisors to help you excel in the classroom, while still giving you time and opportunities to enjoy Liberty’s many spiritual and social offerings. Advising services provide both peer and professional guidance to assist you in completing your degree. The Academic Success Center provides tutoring and writing assistance to get you on the right  track.

Additionally, you can take the opportunity to gain marketable skills with technical studies and continuing education courses, save time and money with our 3+1 degree plans, and boost your scholarship potential with our award-winning Prepworks® ACT and SAT preparation courses.

Programs and Courses

Enhance the skills that are most important to you with CASAS. Check out some of our programs and course offerings below to see what’s right for your academic journey.

3+1 Degree Plans

Are you interested in earning your master’s degree after graduation? With our 3+1 degree plans, you can earn your undergraduate and graduate business degrees in just four years! Look at our most popular accelerated 3+1 degree options to get started.

Continuing Education

Eagle Scholars Program

Are you a high-achieving student with a heart for leadership and a desire for personal development? Join our Eagle Scholars Program!

With this program, you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills in classes specifically designed to enhance these qualities, experience a trip or service project during each of your four semesters in the program, and enjoy the enriching community provided by the program.

Success Courses

At CASAS, we want you to be successful as a student and as a future professional in the workplace. We have several success courses designed to help you enhance your ability to be an accomplished individual, such as:

  • College transition success
  • Leadership skills
  • Research skills
  • Study strategies
  • Technical Studies

Technical Studies


Our goal is to provide you with the relevant and helpful services you need to succeed as a student and throughout your professional life. Review our services below to see how you can benefit from CASAS throughout your academic journey.

Academic Peer Mentoring

Academic Success Center

We have provided a whole host of resources for your time as a student within our Academic Success Center. Here are some of the free services you can utilize:

International Student Center

Professional Advising

As you prepare for class registration each semester, our professional advisors can assist you in making sure you are on the right track for graduation. They will personally meet with you to guide your academic decisions.

Student Advocate Office

Testing Services