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Tutoring Services

Tutoring for Residential Students

COVID-19 Update: You will still receive the academic support you need. Residential Tutoring Services has provided a way for our tutors to connect with you digitally through Microsoft Teams. Please see the resources under the heading “Tutoring Appointments” below for instructions on how to make and attend a digital appointment.

Tutoring is available during the fall and spring semesters at no additional cost to Liberty University residential undergraduate students currently enrolled in the course for which they are seeking tutoring. Tutoring Services employs academically excellent students, who have a desire to help you do your best in your classes. Courses offered include accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, math, psychology, theology, American Sign Language, French, German, Spanish, and more.

One-on-one tutoring is provided for all available courses so that you can receive individualized help from your tutor regarding any course content you want to learn, discuss, or review.

Group tutoring is offered for certain courses to meet a high-demand for tutoring. Group tutoring provides a safe atmosphere for you to learn alongside your fellow classmates.

Tutoring Appointments

Tutoring appointments are highly recommended to ensure that a tutor is available to meet with you.  Before your appointment, get to know your tutor!

Tutoring Guidelines:

  • You must be enrolled in the course for which you are requesting tutoring.
  • You should bring your study materials (textbook, class notes, etc.) to your appointment, so that your tutor can best help you.
  • You are not permitted to ask tutors to complete your homework, quizzes, or tests.
  • There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.


Tutoring Appointments 

Request Appointment

  • When requesting an appointment, please note the number of slots available, as we offer 1-on-1 appointments (“1 of 1 slots available”) and group sessions (ex. “15 of 20 slots available”).
  • Group tutoring appointments are currently available for:
    • BIOL 215/216
    • BIOL 224
    • BIOL 225
    • CHEM 122
    • CHEM 302


Instructional Resources:

After you review all of the one-on-one and group tutoring options using the links above, if tutoring is not currently available for your undergraduate residential course, you may fill out the Course Tutoring Request form to ask that it be considered as an available option for future semesters.  Please note that the Course Tutoring Request form is not to be used to request tutoring for classes for which tutoring is already available.

Tutoring Schedules

Student Tutor Positions

Student Testimonials

“Every tutor that I signed up for was very helpful in breaking down the information into understandable pieces. Even when I didn’t know what to ask, they were able to figure out what areas I was lacking in.”

– Laura

“My tutor was always encouraging and had all the answers to my questions. I believe that she had a major part in my success in that class. She made sure that I could do the problems and what exactly each step meant.”

– Dalton

“I really appreciate tutoring services at Liberty. Every tutor that I’ve had has been personable and helpful. I recommended it to students all of the time!!”

– Justin

“It definitely helped me to understand the material and make it through my courses! I am so thankful that Liberty offers this free service to students!”

– Taylor

“Tutoring really helped me get a different perspective on how to study and what areas for studying I needed to work on. Also, going to tutoring helped me realize that there is nothing wrong with getting a little extra help if needed, and I am glad Liberty provides this for students.”


“This service literally saved my grades. The tutors are all so very helpful, and they are all so smart!”

– Abigail