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Tutoring Services

Tutoring for Residential Students

Tutoring is available during the fall and spring semesters at no additional cost to Liberty University residential undergraduate students currently enrolled in the course for which they are seeking tutoring. Tutoring Services employs academically excellent students, who have a desire to assist you in improving or maintaining your academic excellence. Courses offered include accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, math, psychology, theology, American Sign Language, French, German, Spanish, and more.

One-on-one tutoring is provided for all available courses so that you can receive individualized assistance from your tutor regarding any course content you may wish to learn, discuss, or review.

Group tutoring is offered for certain courses to meet a high-demand for tutoring. Group tutoring provides a safe atmosphere for you to learn alongside your fellow classmates.

Tutoring Appointments

Tutoring Schedules

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Student Tutor Positions

Tutoring Services offers paid and CSER tutor positions for residential undergraduate students. Applicants must have a cumulative LU GPA of at least 3.0, an A or B and a professor recommendation in any course for which they have an interest in tutoring, and a desire to assist students in improving or maintaining their academic excellence. To inquire about available positions or for more information, email tutoring@liberty.edu.

Student Testimonials

“Tutoring has greatly influenced my semester. My grades improved greatly and the tutors really cared about my well-being. Tutoring truly saved some of my grades and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

– Kennedy

“My tutor was great and really helped me understand the material better. My tests scores began increasing after I began tutoring!”

– Julia

“My tutor has helped me to better understand chemistry and not to be afraid of it. I came out of this semester with a grade that I never thought I could get in a class like Chemistry. Having the tutors available is so nice and helpful. It really is a blessing to be able to learn from fellow classmates and excel in the subject that you feared. Thank you for providing the tutoring services, it is greatly appreciated.”

– Hannah

“My tutor did a great job of helping me learn the basics of accounting. It takes a special type of person to be able to teach at the most basic level when they are so knowledgeable in the subject. I now recommend tutoring to all of my friends.”

– Erin

“I had a great experience with the tutors. They were able to help me understand the material that confused me the most as well as help me prepare for the semester in front of me. They were always encouraging and helpful. I would recommend the service to a friend.”

– Chelsey

“I loved my tutor. She thoroughly explained things and gave me so many great studying methods.”

– Janan