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Eagle Scholars Program

The Eagle Scholars Program is now taking applications for Fall 2022, incoming cohort of freshmen. Apply Now


The Eagle Scholars Program provides high-achieving freshmen and sophomores, regardless of major, personal and professional development that cultivates leadership skills for college and beyond.  Students build community as they work together through experiential curricula.

Non-Discrimination Statement


  • Priority early registration for classes
  • Personal development to prepare you for university leadership opportunities (Resident Leadership, LU Send Now teams, Student Government, etc.)
  • Professional development training to increase the likelihood of internships and employment.
  • Preferred Housing choice on the eighth floor of Commons 2. Students enjoy sharing this Hall with other Eagle Scholars. This promotes connecting with others and encouragement for academic achievement.

Eagle Scholar Events

Eagle Scholars compete in challenges at the Master’s Inn.

Program Agenda

Each semester has a specific theme, event, and trip or service project.

Semester 1 (Fall): Connecting with others

  • Team-building retreat at Camp Hydaway
  • Large and Small group class settings
  • Christmas Banquet

Semester 2 (Spring): Self Leadership

  • Special, individualized projects
  • Large and Small group class settings
  • End of Spring Celebration

Semester 3 (Fall): Leading Others

  • Welcome events for new Eagle Scholars
  • Habitat for Humanity build in Altavista
  • Independent group projects and small class settings

Semester 4 (Spring): Changing Culture

  • Ministry capstone projects with faculty guidance
  • Independent group projects and small group class settings


  • Residential, undergraduate, new students with an unweighted high school GPA. of 3.3 or higher.
    • *We are currently waiving the minimum requirement of the SAT, ACT, or CLT test scores.
  • High-achieving students who desire leadership and professional development
  • Proactive, career-minded students with a teachable spirit
  • Incoming students who have been accepted into the honors program are not eligible for the Eagle Scholars Program


  • Complete program application (We are now accepting applications for the incoming Fall 2021 freshmen)
  • Maintain 3.0 or higher GPA
  • Complete the following required courses:
    • Connecting With Others (ESLP 101)
    • Self Leadership (ESLP 102)
    • Leading Others (ESLP 201)
    • Changing Culture (ESLP 202)

Volunteering and Services Projects

Students can choose from the following list. Please note that some activities may place a limit on the number of volunteers and operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Refer to assignment instructions for more details. 

Teach a concept learned in ESP to any of the following audiences: Sunday school (if you lead one), CGL or RS group, small group, etc. You may teach this in the spirit of a Habitude or McGraw Hill textbook lesson. Plan your lesson and share 2-3 insights with your group/audience. Create 2-3 discussion questions to facilitate interaction. You may work in pairs for this.

Volunteer with a charity or non-profit of your choosing. This may be a one-time event of no less than 2 hours.

Volunteer with LU Serve for any service activity they have arranged. This may be a one-time event of no less than 2 hours.

CFAW activities. Assist the ESP Director in recruiting activities. You will work with ESP leadership to plan and carry out the recruiting efforts for CFAW. The work begins in advance of the event by discussing aspects of the program to showcase and reviewing the presentation materials. You will then work 1-2 hours during the CFAW events. You will keep a brief, bullet-point style journal of your work (dates, work done, etc.) and submit that along with your report for this assignment.

Spring Banquet. Plan and co-host the spring banquet. ESP leadership seeks several students who will take an active role in creating enjoyable banquets for all. Tasks include advanced planning, set up/tear down and assisting ESP leadership during the event.

Spring Retreat. Assist the ESP Director in planning the Spring Retreat. ESP leadership seeks several students who will take an active role in creating an enjoyable retreat for all. Tasks include advanced planning, set up/tear down and assisting ESP leadership during the event.

Nursing Home Ministry. Plan and carry out a nursing home ministry activity. You can work in groups. If working in groups, each student must journal their contribution in written form. You will seek a nursing home that allows on-site visitation and carry out your activity in person.

Video Bible Study. Create a video Bible study that you could use for a nursing home or any other health care scenario that does not allow visitors during a time of crisis (Covid). You may work in groups of 2-3 to choose a scripture passage and create the main lesson idea. Each person can teach one lesson/insight. The total length of your video should be around 7-10 minutes. Each person must keep their portion of the video to around 2-3 minutes. You will post the video link to Canvas and email your professor a copy or link. The video takes the place of the Report Form.

Propose your own activity. You can suggest a service activity not listed above. You must seek advanced approval from your professor and show basic logistics for the activity. This may be a one-time event of no less than 2 hours.


Faculty & Staff

Contact the Eagle Scholars Staff by emailing eaglescholars@liberty.edu or calling (434) 592-5601

Frank DiGregorio

Dan Berkenkemper 
Department Chair Residential Services
Assistant Professor

Dwayne Melton, D.B.A.  Associate Dean              Associate Professor

Ester Warren, Ed.D. 
Dean, General Education
Associate Professor

Hailey Manicone, Ed.D.            Director of Operations