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Complaint Assistance & Issue Resolution

Please select the department below that best aligns with your needs or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the answers you need. 

Primary Offices

Residential Student Advocate Office

Contact for: Assistance with Financial Aid, Housing, Account Holds and Balances, Personal Issues, or Roommate Conflicts.

Walk-In: Demoss Hall, 2312   |   Email   |   
Call: (434) 582-7200

General University Complaint

Online Student Advocate Office

Contact for: Assistance with Grade Appeals or Academic Standing Appeals. 

Walk-in: Hancock Welcome Center   |   Email   |   
Call: (855) 466-9218

General University Complaint   |   Student Complaint Tutorial

Additional Offices:

Registrar’s Office

School of Law

Dean of Students

Financial Aid

Student Accounts

College of Disability Academic Services

College of Osteopathic Medicine