Online Writing Center – Writing Style Guides

Below are example papers and templates for different academic writing styles required in Liberty’s programs.

Students are encouraged to download and save the selected template file to their desktop. This will allow it to open as the same, unchanged template every time and prevent it from being overwritten.

Remember that you do have access to Grammarly, a helpful writing resource in many ways, but these below are the writing style guides you should use as vetted by the university and its individual departments: Grammarly Writing Aid (PDF)

For a comparison of APA 6th to APA 7th, please refer to our APA Quick Guide page for more APA resources.

MLA-9 has separate formatting rules for individual student papers and group projects. Please refer to our MLA Quick Guide page for more MLA resources.

Please refer to our AMA Quick Guide page for explanations of these resources and for more AMA resources.

These Bluebook resources are only intended for use in writing essays and research papers for PLST and JURI courses where the formatting requirements are otherwise unspecified. They are not intended to be used for legal documents such as case briefs, memos, persuasive briefs, complaints, etc.

Please refer to our Bluebook Resources page for more Bluebook resources.

If you are an online student, please visit the Online Writing Center home page for writing tutoring services and more writing aids.

If you are a residential student, please visit the on-campus Writing Center home page for writing tutoring services and more writing aids.

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