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WSB 2 Online Degree Programs

Grow in Your Faith with the Willmington School of the Bible

The Willmington School of the Bible (WSB) is an online certificate program designed for students who want a deeper understanding of the Bible, but do not want to complete the other liberal arts requirements of a full degree such as mathematics, English, and other required competencies. As an institutional diploma program, the Willmington School of the Bible provides a focused selection of Bible study, Christian ministry, church history, and theology courses so that you can focus on deepening your faith and knowledge of scripture.

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Can I Transfer Credits I have Earned from my WSB Diploma into a Bachelor’s Degree?

If you choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Religion at a later time, all 60 credit hours earned in the WSB program may be transferred to the degree program as a mix of foundational biblical studies and electives so that you only need 60 additional credit hours of accredited online course content. Transfer credit would best fit into a Bachelor’s degree in Religion but can be used in any of Liberty’s Undergraduate degrees. Undergraduate credit from other programs cannot be applied to Willmington School of the Bible.

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Additional Information
Transfer Credit
Course Guides
Admission Requirements

Additional Information for the Willmington School of the Bible Program

  • Download and review the Graduate of Theology Diploma Completion Plan.
  • Review the Willmington School of the Bible Gainful Employment Data.
  • You can login to review all of the Course Guides for this program. We’ve provided two guides to give you an idea of subjects you will study.
  • To continue our mission of providing affordable education, electronic textbooks are provided for all undergraduate courses at no cost to you.  As a full-time student, this could save you an estimated $800-2,000 per year on textbooks!

Transfer Credit


  • Only Willmington School of the Bible (WSB) students may transfer credit directly to Liberty Online.
  • Liberty Home Bible Institute (LHBI), the Institute of Biblical Studies, and the Church Bible Institute students may not use direct transfer credit. These students may be able to use Credit by Portfolio.
  • WSB credit can be transferred to any undergraduate programs, as applicable. However, undergraduate credit cannot be applied to WSB.

Transfer Credit

  • WSB courses will be transferred as grades of “P”.
  • There is no maximum amount of credits allowed.
  • The minimum amount of credit hours allowed for transfer is 2.
  • Courses will be considered as credit taken through Liberty and will count toward university graduation requirements.
  • WSB transfer credit does not count toward any waiver of high school or SAT/ACT requirements.
  • A transfer will be approved only if a grade of C or above was earned.
  • If applicable, the classes do count toward the 50% of the major and 30 overall hours that must be taken through LU.


  • Students may request a WSB evaluation and transfer of credit by sending a request to
  • Students must apply to an LU undergrad program before submitting a request for transfer of credit.
  • Either the student or Admissions Counselor will email the request for transfer evaluation to
  • Transcripts are printed and evaluated by the Transfer Team and keyed in the system.
  • Copies will be sent to the student.
  • Credits will appear on the transcript with undergraduate transfer work in a UG division under the heading “Willmington School of the Bible”.
Degree Conferral

  • The process for conferral will be the same as a degree-seeking program.
    • Students will “Apply to Graduate” in ASIST.
    • Students will be charged a $100 application fee.

Willmington School of the Bible Course Guides

You can view all of the Biblical training courses you will study while pursuing the Willmington School of the Bible diploma program by logging in. We have provided a few course guides below for those who do not have a Liberty Account yet to review. 

APOL 120 – Apologetics

BIBL 150 – Genesis

BIBL 160 – The Gospel of John

Admission Requirements for the Willmington School of the Bible

Please visit our Admission Requirements Page for more detailed admissions information. 

  1. Apply online or call (800) 424-9595 to apply with an Admissions Counselor.
  2. A non-refundable, non-transferable $50 application fee will be posted on the current application upon enrollment (waived for qualifying service members, veterans, and military spouses – documentation verifying military status is required).
  3. Students must submit one of the following:
    • High School Self-Certification form
    • Unofficial or Official College transcript showing a conferred Associate’s Degree or higher
      • Students may be accepted with an transcript request form, but must submit official transcripts before the registration deadline for his or her second semester.
  4. TOEFL Scores for students who speak English as a second language.