Textbooks & Software

MBS Direct

Textbooks are purchased through the official bookstore for Liberty University Online Programs, MBS Direct.  While books are not included in the cost of tuition, students may purchase a book voucher through Financial Check-In which can be used at the online bookstore.

Service members, veterans, spouses and current DoD employees:

As a thank you for your service to our county, if you are pursuing an undergraduate degree, you will be provided up to $400 in book vouchers per semester to use at MBSDirect.

The advantages for using MBS Direct are:

  • guaranteed to provide the correct edition of the textbook. If a mistake is made, LU can work with MBS to solve the issue.  This is not possible with other vendors.
  • accepts Liberty University book vouchers.
  • sells new and used books and has a buy-back program.

You also have the option of purchasing textbooks through other vendors such as Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Chegg, and others.  To ensure you are purchasing the correct textbook(s) when using another vendor besides MBS Direct, make sure you have the ISBN number and correct edition when searching for textbooks.  Again, it is important to note that Liberty University book vouchers may only be used through MBS Direct.  It is recommended that you purchase your course materials at least ten days before the start of your course(s) to ensure a timely delivery.


Book purchases may be made online through MBS Direct or by calling (800) 325-3252 or (573) 441-9179 (international customers.)

Before you visit the website, make sure that you know the course number for each class that you are taking, when each course starts, and whether each class is in an 8- or 16- week course format. If you plan to use a Book Voucher, you will need your Student ID and Book Voucher ID as well.

Customer Service hours for MBS Direct are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  MBS Direct is closed on certain holidays which are updated on their webpage.

LUbay: Online Student Center

Buy/Sell Used Materials

LUbay, offered through Liberty's Online Student Center, allows you to connect with other students to buy and sell used course materials including books, videos, and work texts. To access LUbay, go to www.liberty.edu/onlinestudentcenter and click on the LUbay logo located in the center of the page. Please be aware that the use of this service is completely voluntary. You will be responsible for any and all transactions that take place. As a student, you are also responsible to verify that the materials you purchase are the materials you need for the course(s) that you take. Always consult MBS Direct for the most up-to-date listing of course materials required. Finally, you are also responsible for course materials that you purchase if you buy them before you register.

Microsoft Campus License Agreement

Students may purchase Microsoft software at an extremely low rate through our Microsoft Campus License Agreement. The bookstore also offers other software at discounted rates for students.

Textbooks for Intensives

Students taking intensives on Main Campus may purchase books at Liberty's official bookstore.

Main Campus
(434) 582-2316

Clothing and Apparel

Purchase your Liberty clothing and items online through Liberty's official bookstore and have it shipped to you at home.

(434) 582-2316

For further information, please contact an Academic Advisor at:
Undergraduate: (800) 424-9595
Graduate: (800) 424-9596