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Liberty University Online Programs Book Voucher Information

Online book vouchers are an easy way to utilize financial aid funds to cover books and other materials for graduate and doctoral programs or set up a payment plan to cover the cost of books over the span of a few months instead of all at once. Book vouchers are requested during the Financial Check-In process after you have completed any financial aid requirements you may have and after you have registered for classes.

Liberty students pursuing online degrees can only use their book voucher through Barnes & Noble College, the online bookstore. Voucher requests through the Financial Check-In process are confirmed 40 days prior to the start date of the sub-term you are enrolled in. An email with the confirmation number and instructions for utilizing the voucher is sent to your Liberty email account from Barnes & Noble College.

Procedure for Using Book Vouchers

  1. If you are planning to use financial aid (FA), please complete the FA process. First-time financial aid borrowers must complete the online loan application and entrance counseling to receive financial aid.
  2. Register for courses!
  3. Once you are registered, visit Barnes & Noble College’s website to look for your courses and identify how much your books will cost.
  4. Complete Financial Check-In, during which you can request a book voucher.
    • Be sure to include the estimated shipping cost in your book voucher amount to make an accurate book voucher request.
    • If you are an undergraduate student, you may not be able to request a book voucher through Financial Check-In initially. Instead, you will need to call or chat to request a book voucher be added to FCI.
    • The online book voucher amount you request will be submitted to Barnes & Noble College. 
    • We suggest requesting your book voucher at least two weeks before the start of the sub-term in which you are enrolled to allow ample time to ship the course materials.
  5. You will receive an email to your Liberty email account 2-3 business days after you request the voucher (if you are requesting within 40-days prior to the start of the sub-term) or when you reach 40 days prior to the start date of your course, whichever comes first. The email will contain your book voucher ID number. 
  6. After receiving this email from Barnes & Noble College, call (800) 325-3252 or go online to Barnes & Noble College to order course materials up to the value of your book voucher.