Minor in Biblical Studies Online Program

Minor in Biblical Studies Online Program

Apply your Faith to Any Degree by Adding a Minor in Biblical Studies

Liberty University’s Biblical Studies minor is designed to help you approach every situation from a biblical worldview in both Christian and secular settings. Our in-depth Bible courses will equip you with a deeper understanding of the Bible through a study of the Old and New Testaments. For example, You will explore the historical validity of the Bible through our exciting course in Biblical Archaeology. Each course in the Biblical Studies minor is designed to equip you with the information you need to approach life with faith and confidence.

Our minor in Biblical Studies online is a great choice if you are a pursuing our Bachelor of Science in Religion online degree program or if you want a deeper understanding of the Bible. You will have the opportunity to choose four Bible electives to tailor your minor to your specific passions and interests. Through these electives, you can choose to study how to properly read, interpret and apply the Bible in your daily life or study a book of the Bible for an entire semester with professors that desire to see you succeed. 

Minor in Biblical Studies Course Requirements (15 hours)

Examples of available courses within the Minor of Biblical Studies:

  • Four BIBL Electives (300-400 level)
    • BIBL 323 - John
    • BIBL 360 - Methodical Study of Scripture
    • BIBL 364 - Acts
    • BIBL 410 - Genesis
    • BIBL 425 - Romans
    • BIBL 450 - Daniel-Revelation
  • BIBL 471 - Biblical Archeology
    or BIBL 472* – New Testament Backgrounds
    or BIBL 473* – Old Testament Backgrounds


*BIBL 472 and BIBL 473 are not available online. Students wishing to complete their degree 100% online will need to take BIBL 471. 

Why Choose Liberty University’s Online Minor in Biblical Studies?

A minor in Biblical Studies is an excellent addition to any degree program at Liberty University because you will learn to integrate your faith with your field of study. As a Christian university, our desire is to train champions for Christ and we are proud to partner with you through a minor in Biblical Studies.

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