Institutional Challenge Exam (ICE)

What is ICE?

ICE stands for Institutional Challenge Exams
Institutional Challenge Exams (ICE) are available to students with a satisfactory justification of previous knowledge in a subject area based upon a non-college training program, job experience, or self-learning as an opportunity to earn credit toward a selected degree program. 

ICE currently offered

BIBL 104 - Survey of Biblical Literature
BIBL 105 - Old Testament Survey
BIBL 110 - New Testament Survey
BIBL 450 - Daniel - Revelation
BIBL 497 - Bible Prophecies
THEO 104 - Intro to Christian Thought
THEO 201 - Theology Survey I
THEO 202 - Theology Survey II
THEO 497 - Eschatology
CSIS 100 - Introduction to Information Sciences and Systems
CHHI 520 - History of Christianity I
CHHI 525 - History of Christianity II
NBST 515 - New Testament Orientation I
NBST 520 - New Testament Orientation II
NGRK 505 - Greek Language Tools
NGRK 520 - Beginning Greek I
NGRK 525 - Beginning Greek II
OBST 515 - Old Testament Orientation I
OBST 520 - Old Testament Orientation II
OTCL 505 - Hebrew Language Tools
OTCL 520 - Beginning Hebrew
OTCL 620 - Hebrew Syntax
THEO 525 - Systematic Theology I
THEO 530 - Systematic Theology II
















Why take an ICE?

Complete your degree faster by taking ICE, to earn credit for the corresponding courses. Showcase your previous knowledge and earn credit for what you already know. 

What do I need to know about ICE?

  • Once a student has matriculated at Liberty University, they can complete the ICE Request Form. Once approved, the registration fee will be processed and you will have immediate access to the exam. If you have any questions, please contact
  • Re-registration is not permitted. Only one attempt for the ICE will be provided.
  • ICE cannot be taken if you are currently enrolled in the course, or the course has been taken previously, regardless of grade or institution. 
  • There will be a 30-day timeframe, noted in the approval confirmation e-mail, by which students must adhere and complete the ICE.

Things to Consider

  • A $50 registration fee will be billed to your Liberty account upon registration. 
  • A $15 per credit hour fee will be assessed if the exam is passed. This will be billed to your Liberty account. 
More Information
  • It is at the discretion of the faculty to approve/not approve an ICE exam request.
  • Credits earned through ICE are applied as transfer credit and do not count toward the minimum number of hours that must be taken through Liberty to have a degree conferred.
  • The majority of the course work for any program of study must be earned through Liberty University. Institutional credit requirements for each program are listed within the degree completion plans.
  • ICE has been created specifically for Liberty University students, other Institutions are not obligated to recognize or transfer the credit.

What to expect when taking an ICE

  • ICE is administered through Liberty University’s learning management system, Blackboard. Students complete these examinations completely online. 
  • The use of notes, books, websites, etc. is prohibited while taking your exam. This is not an open book exam.  The test should be taken without study materials of any kind.
  • If you experience ANY technical issues with your exam, contact the helpdesk immediately following the situation and email the ticket number to
  • For additional questions, please contact