Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Curriculum & Instruction – Special Education Online Degree Program

Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Curriculum & Instruction – Special Education Online Degree Program

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Pursue Advanced Special Education Studies with the Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) in Curriculum and Instruction – Special Education

An Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) is a great path for students wanting to enhance their teaching and educational leadership skills but are not ready to pursue a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.). Working at the Post-Graduate level, students in Liberty University’s 100% online Ed.S. Degree will be immersed in advanced studies of learning theory and research, learn cutting-edge institutional-level testing and measurement techniques, and develop highly-effective curriculum based on industry best practices. With the online Education Specialist - Special Education area of study, students will accelerate their special education teaching and administration for any K-12 level. The Special Education area of study helps students become experts in creating effective learning environments and supportive, fun educational tools for children with special needs to reach their full potential.

Why Attend Liberty’s Online Education Specialist Degree – Special Education?

Liberty University’s online Ed.S. Degree is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Standards through the CAEP Accreditation System, ensuring that your degree will be respected as a highly advanced educational credential. The Ed.S. Degree is offered 100% online; however, students intending to pursue the Doctor of Education are able to complete key courses in a residential intensive format, providing an important hands-on experience that will be indispensable for their future dissertation research. Students not intending to pursue doctoral studies will find that the advanced training in Ed.S in Curriculum and Instruction provides much-needed tools for educational assessment, cutting-edge research, and excellent curriculum development that may open up opportunities for K-12 administration and educational development roles.

The Special Education area of study for the online Ed.S in Curriculum and Instruction provides advanced special education studies for teachers and administrators at any K-12 level. Students will be able to gain new insights and cutting-edge methods for assisting special needs students in their education and professional preparation. Students who have special needs come from many different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and have varying learning styles depending on their level of ability and development. Special Education teachers need to have a variety of proven and extensively researched educational strategies to be effective in special education. Whether you are currently a teacher for special needs children and want to gain advanced training, or you want to branch out from your current teaching career, the Special Education area of study for the Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction will help you apply critical learning theory and behavioral research while working with special needs children.

This program track also allows online Ed.S. students to include additional requirements for initial, advanced, and add-on licensure.

Highlights of the Ed.S. Online Program

  • By earning your Ed.S. Degree from a non-profit university whose online programs ranked in the top five of more than 2,100 online colleges and universities for academic quality, affordability, and accessibility, you will be set apart from others in your field.
  • While completing the Ed.S. Degree online, you will hone your instructional methods and learning theory so that you can manage important higher-order curriculum and instruction improvements needed in K-12 and higher education institutions.
  • You will be ready to step into the role of an administrator with the Ed.S.’s core leadership courses.
  • While completing the Ed.S. Degree online, you will be trained in essential research and testing skills so that you can ensure your institution is providing effective teaching and will know how to make improvements.

What are the Benefits of Pursuing an Education Specialist Degree Online?

  • Completing an Ed.S. Degree shows employers that you have high-level learning theory, research, and curriculum development skills beyond that of the graduate level and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have the most advanced training.
  • You will have cutting-edge educational research through the post-graduate Ed.S. Degree that will equip you to publish groundbreaking insights into high school education and make large steps toward a doctoral dissertation.
  • The Online Education Specialist Degree gives you the opportunity to include licensure-track requirements for initial licensure, advanced licensure, or add-on licensure to your current credentials.
  • If you elect to take advantage of the online Ed.S. Degree’s optional blended format, you can further ensure that your skills and knowledge have been tested in a hands-on environment that will set you apart from fully online graduates.

What Will You Learn in the Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction – Special Education Degree?

The online Ed.S. Program is designed to give a core study of advanced research, theory, and assessment skills to enhance student’s previous graduate studies in education while providing an opportunity to specialize into more advanced roles. Online Education Specialist students will be able to customize foundational content to their interests and needs, including an examination of Historical and Social Foundations of Education for a higher-level understanding of movements behind education, and Theories of Educational Leadership to provide a better understanding of education administration. The online Ed.S in Curriculum and Instruction’s core theoretical content is balanced with practical academic skills in Advanced Research and Writing and state of the art Tests and Measurements that are critical to putting your academic knowledge to work.

The Special Education area of study for the online Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction provides further flexibility to specialize in the topic areas and expertise you need for your teaching career, or to branch out into new, exciting roles.

All Curriculum and Instruction students have a foundation in Curriculum Theory but may choose advanced practical teaching skill areas such as Behavior Management for institutional-level behavior support, or Technology Practices for Instructional Improvement to bring engaging new learning technology into the classroom. Students may also choose topic-focused teaching and curriculum development content to suit their institution’s needs, including Educational Assessment for Special Needs, which can assist institutions in assessing their special needs children population and required support needs.

Liberty's online Ed.S. Degree may also be modified to fulfill initial teaching licensure requirements to become a high school teacher and may include additional areas such as Middle Grades, Secondary, and Special Education. Students who possess initial licensure who pursue the online Ed.S. degree may also include requirements for advanced and add-on licensures. If you wish to obtain licensure, refer to the additional courses listed on the bottom of the degree completion plans linked below.

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Military Benefits

Are you a service member, veteran, military spouse, or Department of Defense employee? We are proud to support you in your pursuit of online education by offering the following benefits:

  • Tuition discounts - $275 for graduate (per credit hour)
    • Additional discount for veterans who serve in a civilian capacity as an Emergency Responder (less than $625 per course).

Ed.S. Degree Online Program Format

  • 100% Online with Optional Intensives for students intending to pursue the Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) program.
  • 30 total hours
  • Up to 6 credit hours can be transferred in from an accredited and non-conferred degree.
  • Between three and four courses are optionally available in an on-campus intensive format for the Ed.S. Degree. Students intending to pursue the Doctor in Education (Ed.D) after Liberty’s online Ed.S. Degree should pursue the intensive format.
  • Eight-week courses, eight different start dates each year, and no set login times.

Ed.S. Degree Online Information and Requirements

  • This program falls under the School of Education.
  • Download and review the Degree Completion Plan for an official list of courses and a suggested sequence.
  • View the Post-Graduate Advising Guide for more information about individual degree track requirements.
  • An education background check is required for all courses beyond EDUC 606 and EDUC 701.
  • Please note that some states may have additional steps and requirements for licensure.
  • View the Graduate Course Syllabi (login required).
  • Review the Ed.S. degree admission requirements.
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Potential Career Options for Educational Specialist Graduates

  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Instructional Supervisor
  • K-12 School Administrator
  • Special Education Teacher
  • College Administrator

After completing Liberty University’s Education Specialist Degree online will have an advanced, post-masters, NCATE-accredited credential that will allow you to pursue leadership roles in K-12 and higher education as well as advanced, higher-order development of curriculum. The Special Education area of study will provide the opportunity to gain advanced expertise in K-12 education and curriculum development, as well as add licensure requirements if needed to become a special education teacher. The skills and knowledge gained from the Online Ed.S. Degree may provide opportunities in private or public schools, third-party curriculum development or learning tool development companies, or provide increased pay opportunities.