Job Skills Quick List

Liberty University Online is proud to be an educational partner with professional adults from many diverse backgrounds and skill-levels. We recognize that adult learners bring valuable experience to academic fields in higher education.  We have identified the most common areas in which prior learning assessment is available through Liberty University. The Skills Quick List matches skill-levels to opportunities for prior learning assessment.   Experience Plus opportunities may include examinations and portfolio.

The Skills Quick List serves only as a guide and makes no guarantee that credit will be awarded. All training, credentials, examinations, and portfolios must be evaluated on an individual basis, in order to determine if college-level competencies have been achieved. Liberty University does not award credit for occupational experience or years of service.  Liberty University provides prior learning assessment for a limited number of skill sets.

List of Skills

A-C   D-F   G-I   J-O   P-R   S-U   V-Z



Acquisitions, Logistics, Procurement



Border Patrol

Cisco Certifications




Disney College Program

Early Childhood Education

Emergency Medical Technician

Employee Benefits 


FAA Flight Attendant

Facilities Management

Financial Planning

Food Service

Foreign Language


General Management

Hospitality Management

Human Resources



Law Enforcement Officer

Legal Secretary

Microsoft Certifications




Pharmacy Technician

Project Management

Property Management

Public Speaking

Real Estate


Six Sigma

Sign Language Interpretation


Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Youth Ministry


Before applying for Experience Plus (EPlus) credit, please be aware that it is viewed only as transfer credit and will not be accepted as credit taken through Liberty University.  Names of corporations, companies, and businesses identified herein are not intended to imply sponsorship or endorsement of, or affiliation with Liberty University. Credit recommendations for training, licenses, certificates, or diploma coursework are subject to institutional standards, policies, and requirements for EPlus credit determinations and awards. The determination of credit equivalency and its application to program requirements is both institution and program specific.  A student cannot earn more than 30 credits through EPlus with the exception for credit that has been approved through the Academic Council.

Due to individual programmatic policies and requirements, this guide makes no guarantees as to the credit determinations for training, licenses, certificates, or diploma coursework listed herein. The final determination of which, if any, Experience Plus credits that are applied depends on academic policies of Liberty University. Any discussions with admissions consultants, new enrollment specialists, advisors, EPlus Coordinators or other members of staff or faculty concerning possible application of such credits are only estimates and not binding on the institution. The awarding of credits and the determination of applicability of those credits to degree completion requirements can only be made after official review by an Experience Plus and/or Faculty Assessor.