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Official Complaints

Residential Student Complaint Process

The Student Advocate Office encourages residential students to be familiar with the current policies and appeal processes of Liberty University. We understand that knowing all this information can seem overwhelming, which is why we recommend students first contact the Student Advocate Office with any questions or concerns.

Current students in the School of Law or LUCOM should seek assistance from the student support staff within these schools.


Official university policies and appeal processes:


General policy for residential undergraduate and graduate student complaints:

Official complaints should be directed to the Liberty University Student Advocate Office by completing the Student Complaint Form. When a student has exhausted all normal channels and appeal processes and still desires to file an official complaint they can through the Student Complaint Form. The Liberty University Student Advocate Office may be contacted in cases where a student is uncertain on how to proceed with a complaint, or if a complaint remains unresolved after a reasonable amount of time. The Liberty University Student Advocate Office will assess the complaint and identify the appropriate person(s) to assist the student, and/or facilitate contact with the student with the appropriate office(s) to ensure resolution of the complaint.


Procedure for residential undergraduate and graduate student complaints: 

  1. Students are encouraged to express concerns to the Resident Student Advocate Office prior to submitting a complaint by calling (434) 582-7200 or visiting the office in DeMoss, Room 1100.
  2. Students may submit a formal complaint about an issue occurring during their current or previous term of enrollment.
  3. Student expresses grievance in writing via the complaint form. Only complaints submitted via the complaint form will be considered official complaints. Complaints submitted via other forums will not be considered official complaints.
  4. Student Advocate reviews complaint and accompanying documentation.
  5. Student Advocate contacts (or assigns the complaint to) other university office for research/decision-making purposes.
  6. Complaint decision is rendered based on research findings.
  7. The decision making party will rule on the complaint and update the online complaint form.
  8. The student will be notified via email of the decision.
  9. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of their initial complaint, they may appeal within five business days of the rendered decision by providing additional support/documentation for review.
  10. A second review of the complaint will be completed by a higher authority within Liberty University.