Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Earning your Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies online from Liberty University is the perfect option for a busy working adult with a desire to further your education. This program is designed for the adult learner, like you, with college credit in various disciplines. Combine your previous academic and work experiences in two or three distinct areas of study and experience faster degree completion than a traditional major which requires many additional hours in one specific field.

This degree is especially beneficial for military or public service personnel with previous college credit or life experience in more than one specific academic regimen. Courses focus on developing strong skills in writing, reading, and speaking, as well as analytical reasoning, library research, and computer literacy. In correlation to previously earned credit, you may create a customized 120 credit hour degree plan by selecting 2-3 areas of study that interest you.

Read more about how this program works to confirm it is the right program for you. You can also expand your degree options by choosing a minor.

Liberty's B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies serves as an excellent stepping stone toward earning any one of our master’s degree programs also offered online through Liberty.

Quick Facts

Program Delivery Format

Credit Hours

  • 120 total hours
  • 30 hours must be taken through Liberty
  • 50% (24 hours) of major must be taken through Liberty

Areas of Study

  • The 45 credit hour major can be distributed between 2–3 areas of study
    • Accounting
    • Business
    • Criminal Justice
    • Crisis Counseling
    • Education *
    • Life Coaching
    • Management Information Systems
    • Paralegal
    • Psychology
    • Religion
    • Special Education *

*Note: No prior experience or training is needed for the general education or special education area of study. It does not lead to teacher licensure nor certification, but is an excellent stepping stone toward earning a graduate degree in Education.

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