Instructional Media Webinars

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a live, interactive, web based seminar usually lasting 30 to 60 minutes.


Webinar FAQ's

Webinar Registration Tutorial Video Joining a Webinar Tutorial Video Joining the audio conference tutorial
Need help registering? 
Your first step to viewing a webinar is to register for the appropriate date and time. View the video or PDF above for assistance.
Joining a webinar 
On the date of your selected webinar, you will need to join the event. View the video or PDF above for assistance.
Joining the audio conference 
Once you have joined the webinar, make sure that you join the integrated voice conference. View the video or PDF above for assistance.

*If you plan to use a mobile device or tablet to view a webinar:

Please download the WebEx application to your device prior to the event. Please note that mobile that do not support Adobe Flash Player may receive a notification saying "content of this presentation is not available." However, this will not prevent you from viewing the webinar presentation once it has begun.

About Instructional Media

Instructional Media is a team within LUO Enrollment created to design and develop instructional materials for our online student body. The Instructional Media team works diligently to create helpful tutorial videos and beneficial webinars to help you become a more confident, comfortable, and competent student. 


Please email Instructional Media with any feedback or questions you may have regarding webinars and tutorials.