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Army Tuition Assistance (ArmyIgnitED)

Below is a snapshot of what Army Tuition Assistance (ArmyIgnitED) will cover. To determine your eligibility, please check out the full eligibility requirements posted on the ArmyIgnitED website or contact your Education Services Officer (ESO) directly.

  • May cover up to $250 per credit hour
  • Fiscal year cap of $4,000
  • Maximum of 16 credit hours may be covered per fiscal year
  • Soldiers are limited to 130 credit hours to complete one bachelor’s degree and 39 credit hours to complete one master’s degree
    • Post-graduate degrees typically do not qualify for Army Tuition Assistance
    • One certificate program may be approved for Army Tuition Assistance

Important note about registration: Army students should make all enrollment changes with Liberty University directly.

How to Request ArmyIgnitED Tuition Assistance

If you have not yet set up your account with ArmyIgnitED, your first step is to visit the ArmyIgnitED website and follow the “Get Started” steps.

ArmyIgnitED 2.0

On August 29, 2022, the Army will be releasing the new ArmyIgnitED 2.0 portal. All fiscal year 2023 Army TA requests for courses beginning on or after October 1, 2022, must be requested through the new ArmyIgnitED portal. The new web address for ArmyIgnitED is To prepare for the new ArmyIgnitED portal, please take the following steps:

  1. A degree completion plan, or student degree plan, will be needed to set up your new Army education file. Access your Degree Completion Plan inside of the Course Registration portal, and select the “Degree Completion” tab at the top of the page. Save the page as a PDF file for use in the ArmyIgnitED 2.0 onboarding process. You will need a copy of this document in order to request Army Tuition Assistance. For additional guidance on this process, please visit our how to guides.
  2. Set up your ArmyIgnitED Account. On August 29th, you will be able to create an ArmyIgnitED account. You can visit the new ArmyIgnitED website at and click “Login.” This will register your CAC to the upgraded ArmyIgnitED. You will only need the URL and your CAC. Please visit or contact your local Education Center if you need assistance.
  3. Submit an Education Goal. Once you have set up an ArmyIgnitED account, please follow the below steps to submit an Education Goal.

Step 1: Click on Educational Goals

Step 2: Select your education goal type.

Step 3: Select Liberty University as your Academic Institution. 

Step 4: Select a Degree Program.

Step 5: Upload your Evaluated Degree Plan.

Step 6: Enter total required credits for your degree level if not already loaded.

Step 7: Review & Approval/Disapproval.

The Army has communicated that they will continue to work with soldier-students and the schools to work through any challenges that occurred before or during this transition. Liberty University’s Office of Military Affairs is available to assist you with this transition, so we encourage you to reach out for support, by phone, (855) 355-4947, or by email,