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Fort Bragg students receive degrees at special graduation

June 17, 2010  |  University Advancement staff
LU Online professor John Cartwright congratulates a graduate at the Fort Bragg graduation ceremony on June 9.

Fort Bragg military base in North Carolina welcomed hundreds of guests last week to a graduation ceremony honoring servicemembers who recently earned college degrees. Liberty University was among 14 colleges to confer degrees on students stationed at Fort Bragg. Most of the 28 Liberty graduates were deployed overseas and unable to attend the ceremony.

Liberty graduates earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in general studies, business (finance and management), multidisciplinary studies, psychology, religion and human services.

The charge to Liberty students, including a recitation of Psalm 91, was delivered by LU Online professor John Cartwright, bringing a Christian element to an otherwise secular service. “We could feel the impact and positive response from the crowd,” said Emily Foutz, Liberty’s director of Military Affairs.

Liberty graduates were the only ones who had the added honor of receiving their official diplomas at the ceremony.

As the second largest military base in the world, Fort Bragg deploys more servicemembers than any base on the East Coast.

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