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Baccalaureate speaker Eric Metaxas fortifies graduates to follow Jesus

May 14, 2014  | 

From the opening invocation to the closing benediction, the show was stolen from the stage at Liberty University’s annual Baccalaureate service as all were urged to turn to their focus to Jesus.

The evening began with a grand processional of Liberty’s faculty and graduates and their families, who were then confronted with a simple charge from keynote speaker Eric Metaxas: “Follow Jesus.”

“Knowing that you are His and living that way is the only way that you can ever really enjoy life,” the acclaimed author and Christian intellectual told the crowd.

He said life has purpose, and God is ordering every step.

“Whatever you do when you leave this place, God has invited you into a grand adventure to be a soldier in His war against the forces of darkness. Whatever you are going to be doing, that is ultimately what you were meant to be doing,” Metaxas said. “You are meant to be a part of His church, His bride, His army of sons and daughters marching under His banner in the grand and eternal war against evil, using the holy weapons of love.”

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