Homeschool Students Online Page

Homeschool Students

Liberty University supports you as a homeschool parent or student and encourages you to take a look at the opportunities available to you in our dual enrollment online courses. As a homeschool student, you have the option to customize your college career to fit your needs, with several options available to you and your family. View our frequently asked questions page to learn more. 

How to Make a Transcript

Colleges expect transcripts to reflect high school courses taken as well as some kind of evaluation for each course. As you prepare your homeschooling records, you should reflect all courses completed, credits earned or hours spent, and the letter grade earned. Try to organize chosen courses according to grade level, even if it doesn’t conform to the exact format or time frame of your educational process. The more recognizable you can make your transcripts for the college who may review them the better.

Homeschool transcripts must contain the following information:

  • Graduation date
  • Courses with grades
  • Two additional statements:
    1) “The student has completed the equivalent of a secondary education.” 
    2) “The school abided by state standards.”
  • The signature of a parent, guardian, or administrator

 Sample Transcript