Dual Enrollment Program

Earn college credit while you're in high school with our Dual Enrollment program.

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Earn Dual Credit with the LUOA Dual Enrollment Program

Liberty University Online Academy, in partnership with Liberty University Online, offers a program specifically designed for high school juniors and seniors who want to earn college credit while still in high school.


Each Dual Enrollment course earns half a credit toward your high school diploma and between 1-4 college credits toward your college degree. The more classes you take in the program, the further ahead you will be at any university of your choice! Dual Enrollment courses are different from Advanced Placement (AP) courses in that no test is required at the end of the class! This means, if a student passes the course, he or she has earned the college credit. LUOA, together with Liberty University, provides a Christ-centered Dual Enrollment program! Curious about learning more? Check out our digital brochure!


This concurrent enrollment program is available to all eligible high school juniors and seniors, offering three options for these students looking to earn college credit.




Find out why Dual Enrollment is a better deal than taking AP courses. In this brief video, you’ll learn about the benefits of LUOA’s Dual Enrollment program for high school students.

A La Carte Program

The A La Carte option is one of our concurrent enrollment options. This option allows students in 11th and 12th grade to choose to enroll in select college courses in order to earn college credit. The students will earn high school credit from LUOA and college credit from Liberty University for the same course.


Associate Degree Program

The Associate Degree program is a full-time, year-round concurrent enrollment program for students desiring to be on track to earn an Associate Degree while earning their high school diploma. Upon successful completion of their LUOA high school graduation requirements, these students will apply to Liberty University and immediately obtain an Associate Degree. This option allows high school students to get ahead in college while still in high school, earning half their college credits toward a Bachelor’s and tracking toward earning an associate degree at the end of the program.


Certificate Program

LUOA”s Certificate program is completing is a less demanding but structured way of getting ahead in college – your student will earn a certification in one of our many online certificates! This is one of the fastest ways to get the skills you need now while working toward your long-term educational goals.

Dual Enrollment Options – What’s the Difference?

A La Carte

The “A La Carte” option of our Dual Enrollment program gives your student flexibility by being able to take the college courses he or she wants to take throughout different terms in the school year. With the “A La Carte” option, a student can earn as few as 1 or as many as 60 credit hours. This program is perfect for the student looking to supplement their current high school schedule and earn college credit early!

Associate Degree track

The Associate Degree Track is for the determined student who desires to take a full-time college schedule while still in high school. Your student will graduate high school with LUOA while completing requirements toward an Associate degree. A student considering this track needs to be a dedicated, independent learner willing to take courses year-round. The cost and time savings of the Associate track are definitely worth considering; however, the rigor of this program is not for every student. We strongly encourage that you speak with one of our Dual Enrollment advisors to help you decide if the “A La Carte” or Associate Degree track is best for your student!


Certificate program

LUOA’s certificate program can also help enhance your marketability with employers, and you can transfer these classes to an associate or bachelor’s degree!


Aviation Dual Enrollment Courses Now Available!

In partnership with Liberty University’s School of Aeronautics, high school students are able to earn college credit while they work toward their private pilot’s license. The student must live close to one of our Flight Training Affiliates to be eligible. For more information, see our online brochure and call our admissions office at 866-418-8741.


Your Own Personal Academic Advisor

You will be assigned an Academic Advisor that will coach you toward which college courses you should take. You could even earn college credit via the College Level Exam Program (CLEP)! Your personal Academic Advisor will help you along the way to ensure your success.


Students Requiring Accommodations

If you require accommodations due to a disability or illness, please inform your Academic Advisor and email luoodas@liberty.edu for more information.


Save Money

Make your money go further and use your 529 Savings Plan on our already discounted courses. Don’t wait to use it until your student is in college and courses are more expensive. Use your 529 Plan with LUOA’s Dual Enrollment courses now. You can use your hard-earned, tax-free 529 Plan to pay for college courses, discounted 73% through our Dual Enrollment Program, while your student is still in high school!

Save Time

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online courses with our Dual Enrollment program. Study and complete your assignments whenever and wherever you choose. The courses are offered in convenient eight- or sixteen-week sessions with up to eight different enrollment periods every year. Earn your Associate of Arts degree while you’re completing your high school diploma. This can save time and money on your future Bachelor’s degree, regardless of where you attend college.


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