Financial Check-In (FCI) Guide: Military Students

Because military students have unique needs as they prepare to complete Financial Check-In, we have created this webpage to help you get the information you need. Depending on your status as a residential or online military student, and the benefits you are using, there may be some additional information that you need to know to complete Financial Check-In. Click the quick link that pertains to you to find out more.

Looking for upcoming dates and deadlines? Check out our Dates and Deadlines webpage. 

What is Financial Check-In?

Financial Check-In is required of all students each semester they are taking courses. It is the process by which students confirm their course schedule, charges, financial aid, any discounts or military funding, and payment arrangements are correct before securing enrollment in courses. Since Financial Check-In is the final step in the registration process, it is vital that Financial Check-In is completed by the deadline. Failure to do so can result in your courses being dropped and/or a $150 late fee being assessed. 

How do I complete Financial Check-In?

As a military student, you will need to submit any paperwork needed to set up your military benefits to ensure the documents are processed and posted on your account before you complete Financial Check-In. If your paperwork is submitted late, you may not have all of your discounts and aid available when you go to complete Financial Check-In.

For more information on how to set up your specific benefit(s), select the corresponding link below:

Additional Financial Check-In Information

Online Financial Check-In Deadlines

Online Financial Check-In Extension for Tuition Assistance

Online Payment Arrangements for Veterans Affairs / GI Bill® Benefits

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