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Tuition Payment Plans

We understand your education is a significant investment, but we’re here to help!Liberty University offers flexible, interest-free payment options, and you can pay for your education in small, manageable installments, making it easier to budget and plan for your future.Our payment plans are designed to help you achieve your educational goals without the financial burden of paying upfront. Don’t let the cost of college hold you back. Sign up for a payment plan today and start investing in your future!

How Can Liberty’s Payment Plans Help You?

  • No need to make one large payment up front. Payment plans are an excellent way to break up an account balance over a period of time.
  • Our payment plans are interest-free! Students who opt into a payment plan only pay towards their tuition and account fees directly charged to their student accounts.
  • Automatic Drafts: Monthly payments are automatically drafted from the bank account or credit/debit card provided to Liberty, easing the process paying for your education.

Plan and view your many options below! Find which applies to you, and review all of the terms and conditions in your Financial Check-In (FCI) contract. There is a one-time $50 payment plan fee for the semester if you decide to use a payment plan, but this fee always remains the same regardless of the size of the account balance

Need help setting up a payment plan? Check out our FCI Tutorial to learn more!

FCI Tutorial

Available Payment Plan Options

Residential Student Payment Plans

Online Student Payment Plans

Can I Adjust My Payment Plan?

Yes, you can.  Students can make changes to a payment plan in the Financial Check-In portal. We suggest that you always check your account five days before your automatic draft to ensure that the correct amount is being processed from your account.

Within FCI you can:

  • Adjust and confirm your monthly payment plan
  • Update your account/payment information

If you find you are having issues making adjustments, please contact the Student Accounts Office.

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Directions for Making Updates

  • Log in to the Financial Check-In portal
  • Select the appropriate term
  • Select the Payment Plan Selection tab to view your payments for any possible adjustments needed and then click on Accept & Continue
  • On the Address Verification page, verify your address and then click on Accept & Continue
  • Check the “*I Agree to the Terms and Conditions above” box on the Check-In Contract page and then click on Accept & Continue
  • Select either use current account information or change your payment account information.
  • Click Save to then update your payment plan and re-complete Financial Check-In.
  • The updated automated drafts will be displayed on your new Check-In Receipt.

What Happens If My Payment Declines or Fails?

If one or more of your automated drafts fail, you and the account holder are both responsible for the returned or declined payment. You will be notified through your LU email and by phone if you have a returned/declined payment. It is your responsibility to forward this message to any other financially responsible party, if applicable. You can make a payment to make up for the returned/declined payment(s). It is important to confirm the cause of the failed payment and make any necessary corrections to avoid any future failed payments from occurring.

Failed Payment Consequences

  • $35 failed payment processing fee per returned/declined payment (non-refundable)
  • In the case of three or more returned/declined payment plan installments:
    • You may no longer be eligible to enroll in payment plans.
    • 100% of the balance will be required by the Financial Check-In deadline for all future semesters enrolled.
    • You may not be able to make online payments via automated checking.
    • Cash, money order, or credit card payments must be made with Cashiering & Treasury Services.
  • If you do not respond to returned/declined payment notifications, you may be removed from Financial Check-In and courses

How to Make Up a Failed Payment

  • Web Payment
    • Please include the $35 Failed Payment Fee in the total amount of the failed draft
    • If a smaller amount is made, this will require the student to re-complete the Financial Check-In using the steps above to adjust their payment plan accordingly
  • Pay by Phone With Student Accounts
  • Adjust Payment Plan by re-completing Financial Check-In
    • Please note, this will increase the monthly payments to reconcile the failed draft
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