Liberty University Corporate Advantage Program

Liberty University Works with a Variety of Employers to Offer Discounts to Eligible Students

Liberty University is proud to work with a variety of companies and organizations to provide a unique mix of educational benefits. We work hand-in-hand with employers to ensure that employees receive an affordable and accessible way to take advantage of everything they can through their educational experience. 

Liberty is affiliated with organizations in many industries including but not limited to healthcare, public safety, business, education, and church/missions. 

Not only do we work with employers to provide education benefits but also with employees to understand and apply the benefits that employers provide. We also offer a Deferred Corporate Tuition Assistance option and work with students to make payments with financial aid or payment plans. 

How Can My Company Become Affiliated with Liberty University?

  • To become affiliated with Liberty University, your employer must reach out to our Corporate Recruitment Team at
  • A Liberty University Manager of Business Relations will reach out to speak with your employer about what Liberty can offer and how the relationship works.

Is Your Company Already Affiliated with Liberty University?

As you search for the right university and the best-suited path to pursue your educational goals, there is a possibility that your employer might already work with us. To find out, please connect with your human resources office. If an outside firm manages your employee benefits, you should check with them to determine your eligibility. Our offices are more than happy to answer any questions about affiliations with Liberty University. 

Student Testimonials

“I had taken my son Brian to many schools during his college search, but one stood out above all — Liberty University. This is where I would have wanted to go to college had I been able to do so many years ago! I have met so many wonderful students, most not too different from me, with everyday issues …

The Ford Corporate Tuition Assistance program has been such a blessing to my family and me. One thing that I find unique as I travel … is that I have completed classes in far-away locations, in Bahrain, Guam, Japan, Bremerton, [Wash.,] and San Diego.

As I near completion of my degree, I am thankful to the Ford family for their true commitment to their employees during this difficult time in the automotive industry. Seemingly, their care for their employees has led to a turnaround in the business as well.”

Karl A. Kerzel
Ford Motor Company
Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies

“My tuition assistance through General Motors has been very helpful, and I look at it as an investment in my future. Stocks, bonds, and CDs will pay interest and dividends, but investing in my education will pay a return that money cannot buy. It will pay so dearly to allow me to have richer, deeper and more fulfilling relationships with friends, family, and co-workers — something that money just cannot create.

I am always pleased with the assistance I receive from the staff at Liberty University. Working sometimes 16- to 20-hour days and pursuing an MBA can be stressful enough. Everyone at Liberty has helped me to make the paying of my education very stress-free. One day, if it is God’s will, I can ‘pay it forward’ for what Liberty University has allowed me to achieve and continues to assist me in achieving.”

Curtis Gerhart
General Motors
Master of Business Administration