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How can the study of mathematics be applied to help businesses gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace? There are many answers, but one of the best ways is to increase the efficiency and ability of their information systems to allow them to analyze data and make smart, data-driven decisions. Solving problems and creating smart solutions for businesses are just a few of the things someone with a degree in computational mathematics – information systems might do.

Gain the mathematical knowledge and skills for endless career opportunities by pursuing a B.S. in Computational Mathematics – Information Systems from Liberty University. Through this degree, you can be equipped with the skills necessary for careers in data analytics, finance, government, business, and technology contexts. Your focus on information systems will help you gain a foundational knowledge of the implementation and management of computer and web development in support of business objectives.

So what are you waiting for? You want a lucrative career, and you need a valuable skill set to get you there. Pursuing our information systems mathematics degree means gaining the knowledge and tools needed to work in the growing field of computational math and information systems.

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When receiving your degree from Liberty University, you can study with confidence. You’ll know you’re getting real-life experience, courses that meet accreditation requirements, and professional faculty members who partner with you for success.

With a degree in computational mathematics, you will be preparing yourself for a variety of industrial, medical, and information technology-related careers.

Your information systems specialization will grant you further focus for a career working to help businesses further their use of data in business and how best to utilize it in a safe and efficient manner. You can learn how to develop solutions to problems and how to safeguard an organization’s data while increasing the speed, accuracy, and capacity of their systems to maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

As part of your B.S. in Computational Mathematics – Information Systems degree, you will complete courses in English, natural science, social science, and research, as well as courses on Christian principles. These courses will help guide you through your professional life no matter what career path you take. However, we also aim to provide you with a specific skill set related to your calling in life.

With a major in applied mathematics, you’ll take all the core courses you need to set yourself up for success in any math-based field. Your courses will include topics like probability, linear regression, and calculus. This degree will focus on subjects related to applied math like differential equations and mathematical modeling and simulation to help you gain the practical experience you need for various industries.

The information systems specialization will further your applied mathematics skills by teaching you about the design, selection, implementation, and management of enterprise business solutions. Learning how to employ technology to achieve a competitive advantage in business will be one of the cornerstones for your future as an information systems professional.

You will also gain a thorough knowledge of the foundation of web architecture and the current technologies used in website development. An essential part of your education will be learning the basic issues and principles of information system security. Understanding the risks associated with personal and business use of computers can help you employ prudent measures to defend your future employer against malicious cyber attacks.

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